Oct 20, 2013

Moon Chae Won Reveals the Reason Why Working with Song Joong Ki and Joo Won Felt Comfortable

Moon Chae Won revealed that working with Song Joong Ki and Joo Won was comfortable. When asked about her former co-stars in a recent interview, Moon Chae Won dished, "Their diligence and sincerity can not be compared... It is good that I get to work with such diligent actors."

"In an actress' perspective, it is most comfortable when I don't have to ask, 'Let's do this reading', and 'Let's try this scene together', when acting. I am really thankful that they made me feel comfortable."

Showbiz Korea : Stars with Outstanding Family Backgrounds

Source: ArirangWorld

Actors So Ji Sub and Han Ji Min Voted as Top Celebrity Choices for Autumn Vacation Companions

Eduwill recently conducted a survey asking which male and female celebrity people would most like to go on a vacation with to see the changing autumn leaves.  The subjects of the survey were 1,027 of their members and the results of their votes placed So Ji Sub and Han Ji Min as the top male and female celebrity with whom people wanted to go on a fall vacation.

Oct 14, 2013

Song Joong Ki Completes His Basic Training

After a little over a month, Song Joong Ki has finally finished his rigorous basic training.

On October 10, Song Joong Ki attended the completion ceremony at the 22th Division Recruit Training Center. Snapshots of Song Joong Ki at the ceremony were uploaded online, revealing a tired, swollen, but happy-looking Song Joong Ki. 

Song Joong Ki and his colleagues went through five weeks of basic training after enlisting on August 27. They will move to their assigned bases

Song Joong Ki will be discharged on May 26, 2015. 

Photo Credit: Online Community
Source: MWave

Aug 27, 2013

Song Joong Ki Leaves for the Army After Saying Goodbye

Over 200 fans swarmed the army camp to see Song Joong Ki leave to serve his military duties. On August 27, Song Joong Ki entered the army through the reserve in Chuncheon, Gangwon-do.

Fans had been crowding the camp since morning, and press members also fought to find good spots to capture the actor′s last moments. A few hours later, Song Joong Ki himself appeared in a black t-shirt, jeans and a baseball cap. When asked by press to take off his hat, Song Joong Ki revealed for the first time his short hair.

Aug 18, 2013

Netizen Reaction Towards Song Joong Ki Final Fan Meeting Before Enlistment

Source: Star News via Nate

1. [+316, -43] Do well ^^ We'll always support you

2. [+159, -27] And another leaves us ㅠㅠ

3. [+123, -18] I just came home from the fan meet. There wasn't one journalist there and the host was so great. It was a meaningful moment truly made for just Joong Ki oppa and his fans. It was upsetting to see him choke up every time the topic of the army was brought up...

4. [+19, -8] I lucked out the other day and saw Song Joong Ki at my mother's restaurant. He's such a cheerful person. Greeted her cheerfully and finished his bowl of rice without one grain left over. Even gave her an autograph ㅠ I never thought much of him because of the rumors calling him arrogant but I've totally changed my mind ㅠㅠ He seems like a great person

5. [+18, -12] It honestly can't be easy for him to enlist at a time when the army's image isn't at its best because of the celebrity soldier scandal. Looking forward to a great active duty service from him!

Source: NetizenBuzz

Song Joong Ki Says His Last Goodbye in Fan Meeting Before Military Enlistment

Song Joong Ki has held his last fan meeting event before his mandatory military enlistment on August 27.

On August 17, Song Joong Ki held a private fan meeting with around 1000 members of his official fan club.

Fans reported that it was a great time where they got to share and exchange honest feelings with their favorite actor. It is also reported that Song Joong Ki shed tears over the sadness of saying goodbye.

Aug 14, 2013

Actress Nam Bora Wishes that Song Joong Ki was Her Older Brother

Actress Nam Bora showed her love for Song Joong Ki.

She guest starred with comedian Huh Kyung Hwan on the August 12th broadcast of KBS Radio Cool FM's 'Hong Jin Kyung's Two O'Clock' where she picked the male celebrity she would like to have as an older brother.

Aug 1, 2013

Netizens Reaction to Song Joong Ki Enlistment

Source: TV Daily via Nate + Naver

1. [+2,691, -39] Good timing. All of his works have hit daebak and his image is at the best it can be so I hope he serves well and returns healthy. 

2. [+2,112, -44] So glad that the celebrity soldiers unit was gotten rid of. Serve hard as an active duty.

3. [+1,948, -66] I imagine a lot of celebrities are gritting their teeth because of Se7en and Sangchu ㅋㅋㅋ

4. [+1,773, -39] Joong Ki-ya, I'm sure you know what's been going on so make sure you think your actions through and serve well without any regrets! A moment of being comfortable can end your entire career

[HEARTBREAKING] Song Joong Ki to Enlist in the Army in August

Get the tissues ready because another heartthrob is leaving us for the next two years. 

On August 1, Song Joong Ki’s agency, Blossom Entertainment, officially announced that Song Joong Ki has been called by the nation to serve his 2-year mandatory army service.

He will be the first celebrity to head to the army since the PR unit has been shut down after much controversy. 

Song Joong Ki will be headed to 102nd Reserves located in Chuncheon where he will receive basic training for active service. 

“I will finish off the rest of my activities in the mean time before enlisting. I send my wholehearted thanks to all the people who have supported and loved me and I’m apologetic that I cannot thank you all individually,” said Song Joong Ki in the agency’s press release. 

“I’ll complete my services for the next two years and return well. After I come back, I’ll greet you all with great projects, so until then, stay healthy!”

Song Joong Ki will hold his third fanmeeting on August 17 before enlisting on August 27. 

Photo Credit: Blossom Entertainment
Source: ENewsWorld

Son Hyun Joo Gets BoA on the Phone with Song Joong Ki

An avid drama lover and a huge fan of Song Joong Ki, BoA became the biggest fangirl on a recent episode of SBS’ Thank You when she got the opportunity to speak with the actor.

In a recent filming of Thank You, BoA met up with talented actor, Son Hyun Joo, calling up friends that they would like to see. Some of the people they called included Zo In Sung, Yoo Hae Jin, Super Junior’s Choi Si Won, Moon Jung Hee and more. 

Jul 23, 2013

Which Celebrities Do Fans Most Want to Live With?

Girls' Generation and Kim Soo Hyun were chosen as the #1 celebrities who fans want to live with.

The movie 'Hide and Seek' ran a survey from July 8 to 14 via SNS and polls on various movie sites to ask, "Where do you want to hide and live," and "Which celebrity do you wish lived at your house?"

For the first question concerning where you want to hide and live, the top answer was 'a celebrity's house' with 27% followed by 'my crush's house' with 22%. Third place went to 'an empty house' with 17%. 'My lover's house' and 'a rich person's house' tied for the fourth place spot with 16% each.

As for celebrities who fans wanted to live with, Girls' Generation and Kim Soo Hyun tied for #1 with 17% of the total votes. Song Joong Ki and Lee Jong Suk tied for #2 at 15%, and Won Bin rounded up at third with 13%.

Which celebrity would you want to live with?

Source: Allkpop

Jul 15, 2013

Who's the Only Friend Song Joong Ki Has Ever Let into His House?

Appearing via phone call on the latest episode of KBS's 'Mamma Mia', 'Nice Guy' Song Joong Ki revealed that he still didn't let most other celebrities into his private life despite his growing popularity.

Hosts Lee Young Ja and Super Junior's Kyuhyun asked him what his mother's reactions were when he invited friends over to his house. "Even after I debuted, she treats them well and makes them good things to eat," he responded.

Jul 11, 2013

Song Joong Ki and Ha Yeon Soo’s Couple Photo Shoot for Samsonite

Song Joong Ki and Ha Yeon Soo are garnering attention for their recent couple photo shoot, according to World Daily.

They were featured in Samsonite Red’s latest photo shoot for the Fall and Winter season. Samsonite is a bag company that focuses on luggage such as suitcases, travel bags, and backpacks.

Jul 1, 2013

Song Joong Ki Passes on a Movie Ofter, Interest in Enlistment Remains

Source: Starin via Nate

1. [+498, -18] Whatever you end up doing, just don't become a celebrity soldier... Just please, maintain the image you have now ㅠㅠㅠ Who in this world ever thought that Rain or Se7en would end up where they are now ㅠㅠㅠ

2. [+337, -50] Give us one last movie or drama before you leave. As a man, that's my last wish of you.

Jun 30, 2013

Vote for Song Joong Ki on Mnet 20's Choice Awards

Mnet 20's Choice Awards is "Korea's only Summer Awards Ceremony" and Song Joong Ki is nominated in 20's Movie Star Male category on the role he played in "A Werewolf Boy".

He currently on the top rank on the category with 48.5% (85,074) number of votes as of today leading Kim Soohyun, Ryu Seung Ryong, Lee Byung Hoon and Ha Jung Woo.

Although he's currently on the top we need to vote to maintain Song Joong Ki's lead on this category. Make sure to vote for him everyday. To vote, click HERE Spread the word!

Mnet 20's Choice Awards 2013 will happen on Thursday, 18th July 2013 at 17:00 KST in Kintex in Gyeonggi-do Goyang-si Ilsan (Korea Exhibition Center).

Jun 29, 2013

2013 20’s Choice Awards - Voting Open Now

The hottest award show of the season, the 2013 20’s Choice Awards, is returning this summer, and it’s up to fans to decide who takes home an award.

The nominees for this year’s 20’s Choice Awards, an award show that empowers today’s 20-somethings to decide who’s hot in the areas of TV, movies, music and more, were announced on June 27.

Shinhwa, 2PM, SHINee, Super Junior-M, SISTAR, Girls’ Generation (SNSD) and many more are among the K-Pop stars that made the ballot in the award show’s 20 categories, which include 20’s Performance and 20’s Mwave Global Star

Lee Seung Gi, Song Joong Ki, Park Shin Hye and Suzy are among the 20’s Choice Awards nominees who will be competing for fans’ votes in the 20’s Movie Star and 20’s Drama Star categories. 

Voting for the 2013 20’s Choice Awards has also officially opened, so head on over to the voting page and vote now!

Below is the full list of nominees by category: 

20’s Movie Star – Male
Ryu Seung Ryong (The Gift from Room 7)
Ha Jung Woo (Berlin)
Kim Soo Hyun (Secretly, Greatly)
Lee Byung Hun (Gwanghae)
Song Joong Ki (A Werewolf Boy) Please vote for him

[VID/PIC] Actor Song Joong Ki Attended the "Cold Eyes" VIP Premiere

On June 25th, actor Song Joong Ki, JYJ's Park Yoochun, Kim Soo Hyun, Go Soo, and many others attended the VIP premiere and red carpet event for ‘Cold Eyes’ at Samsung-dong Megabox COEXpress in Seoul. ‘Cold Eyes’ premieres in theaters on July 4. Watch the video here.

Song Joong Ki Proves Once Again His Beautiful Skin

Song Joong Ki has recently been filming a TV commercial for the national brand of water purifier, according to TV Daily. A video showcasing the making of the commercial features Song Joong Ki hard at work, focused and calm. He was seen carefully monitoring his own acting, showing that he is very committed and serious about his work.

Jun 21, 2013

2011 Hyun Bin, 2012 Lee Je Hoon and 2013 Song Joong Ki?

Every year a star in the spotlight leaves for the army. Song Joong Ki to choose carefully before serving in the military. It was Hyun Bin in 2011, Lee Je Hoon in 2012 and this year it's Song Joong Ki.

These stars have a unique rule when it comes to the military. Every year, a super star in the spotlight has to leave the fame and enter National Service. This rule started with Hyun Bin 2 years ago and then Lee Je Hoon and now it's Song Joong Ki.

Song Joong Ki's Label Denies Rumors of August Enlistment

Rumors that Song Joong Ki would be enlisting in the army in August had left many fans in despair, but it looks like the rumors aren't true.

Rumors spread when a representative in the movie industry said, "I've been told that Song Joong Ki cannot push his enlistment back date any further. Since he's so well loved by the public and his acting ability is very good, he wants to work continue to work, but his situation won't allow him to do so." Another said, "Since he's the hottest thing right now, many producers contacted him recently. But because of his enlistment, he can't realistically talk about it."

May 10, 2013

Younha Reveals She Doesn’t Care About Looks, But Her Ideal Type Is…

Younha chose her ideal type on KBS 2TV‘s ‘Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook‘!

During the latest episode, she confessed, “I’m always especially nervous on ‘Sketchbook’ performances. I try so hard to be good that I end up being awkward. It’s like meeting the parents of your fiance.”

Yoo Hee Yeol joked, “Does that mean I’m the father-in-law?” and Younha replied, “Looking at your body, you’re more the sister-in-law,” bursting into laughter. He added, “As an oppa, I feel bad for you because I feel like you’re only focusing on music at such a young age. Who is your ideal type?”

May 7, 2013

Ha Ji Won Wants to Work with Which Actors?

Actress Ha Ji Won picked out the lucky actors she would love to work with. She sent out a love call to Song Joong Ki and Big Bang‘s T.O.P.

The guests for the May 3rd episode of SBS’ ‘Thank You‘ included Ha Ji Won, Lee Moon Sae, and Seo Hee Tae as they accompanied Cha In Pyo on a trip to South Yangju. During the show, Ha Ji Won was asked if there were any actors she’s been wanting to work with. She answered, “I like actors who are younger than I am.”

May 2, 2013

Juniel Talks about Her Own Ideal “Pretty Boy”

Singer Juniel talked about her ideal “Pretty Boy“. The topic of her comeback was first brought up in her interview with My Daily. She said, “I really wanted to change (my image) this time. I’ve only sung sad songs on stage, so a lot of people saw me as a ‘sad girl’ or ‘depressed girl’. This time, I wanted to show people a cute, bright image that matches my age and personality. More than anything, I wanted to show people my bright smile.”

Apr 30, 2013

Song Joong Ki Attends Shoot with Women from Across Asia in Beauty Camp

Song Joong Ki was spotted among the participants of a beauty camp, but his looks and his complexion didn't fall behind at all.

On April 27, Song Joong Ki attended a photo shoot for the ′Brighten Up Global Beauty Camp′ for Laneige Homme.

The Brighten Up Global Beauty Camp celebrated the launching of Laneige′s Original Essence White Plus Renew. 31 girls from seven countries across Asia were invited to participate in the event.

Apr 24, 2013

Song Joong Ki was Offered Kim Soo Hyun’s Role in “The Moon that Embraces the Sun”

On the April 22 broadcast of tvN’s “E News,” it was reported that Song Joong Ki was originally offered Kim Soo Hyun‘s role in the hit drama, “The Moon that Embraces the Sun.” Song Joong Ki declined the role of the Joseon King Lee Hwon because it was too similar to the role that Song Joong Ki had just played in “ Tree with Deep Roots” as King Sejong. 

Apr 17, 2013

[VID] Song Joong Ki was Chosen as Sprite Model for Second Consecutive Year

Song Joong Ki has been re-signed as the model for Sprite for the second consecutive year.

Last year, Song Joong Ki has swept the Korean drama and film industry with his young, casual and handsome charms. The TV CF that will be aired this quarter is titled, “The Clean Feeling That Awakes Me,” where Song Joong Ki will display his signature natural and youthful charms. It seems like Song Joong Ki will perfectly represent the refreshing taste of the Sprite beverage.

[PIC] Song Joong Ki’s Eyes Sparkle and Shine in Behind-the-Scene of Contact Lens CF

While Infinite L’s eyes are beautiful, Song Joong Ki put up a good fight as he filmed for an upcoming contact lens commercial. 

Acuvue recently revealed some photos from the making of Song Joong Ki’s contact lens commercial, showing the handsome actor getting ready for work in the morning, while using his one-day use contact lenses.

Apr 12, 2013

Song Joong Ki and Ha Ji Won Meet with Children at the ‘Medical Korea 2013 Sharing Medical Treatment Commemorative Event’

Actor Song Joong Ki and actress Ha Ji Won came out to spend some wonderful time with children, warming hearts of the public.

The ‘Medical Korea 2013 Sharing Medical Treatment Commemorative Event‘ was held at the Intercontinental Hotel in Seoul recently, and both actors were present to spend time with recovering children.

Apr 11, 2013

Did Song Joong Ki Gain Weight? Netizens Talk

Netizens can over-analyze sometimes. Song Joong Ki became the new spokesperson for contacts brand "1 Day Acuvue" and several behind-the-scenes photos from the filming set were released.

He looks sharp and clean cut wearing a blue blazer on top of a pale dress shirt. He charismatically stares at the camera in the first picture and looks down in thought in the second, but also manages to look cute in both.

Apr 9, 2013

Song Joong Ki Likely for "Tazza: The High Rollers 2"

The outline of Song Joong Ki's next project is slowly coming about. It seems that the actor is considering a role in the movie "Tazza: The High Rollers 2". It's only up to him to make it official and nothing has been decided yet.

His entrance to the military will affect his decision. Turning 29 this year, he has to go either at the end of the year or early next year. Therefore, he's very serious about making the decision to star in the movie.

Song Joong Ki Appears at the Laneige Homme Store in Front of Ewha University

Song Joong Ki made a surprise appearance at the LaneigeHomme store in front of Ewha University. He went there because of a “Song Joong Ki Surprise Autograph Event.” Despite the weather, many fans came to see their favorite star. Including Korean fans, there were fans from all over Asia such as China and Thailand.

Mar 16, 2013

Song Joong Ki for Acuvue

According to contact lenses brand Acuvue, Song Joong Ki and Han Hyo Joo are a perfect couple, if their compatibility is based on the shape of their eyes and the alluring gazes they cast at you. 

The two actors were recently selected as models for Acuvue. The reasons stated by Acuvue were, Song Joong Ki has drawn impressive box office numbers and carries a distinct, strong gaze to him. Han Hyo Joo is also a great actress, not to mention beautiful with her attractive and confident gaze. We thought these models represented our brand’s concept best and complimented each other nicely.”

Mar 12, 2013

Song Joong Ki Proves He’s CF King with 10 Ads

With 10 CFs to his name currently, it appears everyone wants a piece of actor Song Joong Ki.

The actor is the face of a diverse range of products, from Maxim Coffee, fast food chain Lotteria, cosmetics brand Laneige Homme, The North Face, Samsung’s Galaxy Pop and Samsonite, among a slew of others, pointing to the many facets of Song Joong Ki’s personality and charm. 

Not only do brands seek the actor for his image, Song Joong Ki delivers when it comes to the bottom line. In fact, Song Joong Ki’s commercial power is so great that the red back pack he is seen modeling in Samsonite’s current ads (which is being called the ‘Song Joong Ki backpack’ among consumers), sold out within three weeks. 

Mar 10, 2013

Song Joong Ki Chosen as Maxim Coffee Model

Proving his constant popularity, Song Joong Ki has been selected to be the face of Maxim Mocha Gold Coffee. He completed filming for the ads in February. 

One commercial affiliate told eNEWS,Song Joong Ki has been chosen as the model for Maxim, which can be called the most authentic of all coffee commercials” andSong Joong Ki’s soft image will grow with the collaboration with Maxim.”

In a phone call with eNEWS, Song Joong Ki’s agency staff said, Song Joong Ki was chosen as the CF model because his intellectual image fit well with the product.” They added, “We finished filming for the Maxim Mocha Gold commercial on February 12. You’ll be able to see Song Joong Ki in a Maxim CF really soon.”

Song Joong Ki is Pure for RUHENS

Actor Song Joong Ki, known and loved for his pure and clean-cut image, has landed a new endorsement deal that is perfectly fits with his image!

According to his agency, Song Joong Ki has been selected as the face of water purifier brand, RUHENS.

A representative of RUHENS commented, “By appointing Song Joong Ki as our spokesperson, we hope to appeal to the public and show that RUHENS purifiers provide pure and clean drinking water.”

Mar 8, 2013

Song Joong Ki Doppelganger according to the Netizen


J Kyun

 J Kyun received the nickname ‘3 second Song Joong Ki.’Recently on an online community board, a post titled “J Kyun looks like Song Joong Ki during his hip-hop days.”In the picture, a comparison is made between the picture of J Kyun and still cuts of Song Joong Ki. The picture attracts attention because they resemble each other so much when seen from the side.

Mar 7, 2013

Song Joong Ki, Lee Kwang Soo, Im Joo Hwan and More Visit Jo In Sung on ‘That Winter’ Set

Song Joong Ki, Lee Kwang Soo, Im Joo Hwan and Kim Ki Bang visited the set of SBS’ That Winter, The Wind Blows to support show their strong friendship with actor Jo In Sung

The actors appeared on the set on February 25, bringing a food truck with them for the actors and the staff who were working hard during the cold winter. The actors enjoyed their time on the set, eating and conversing with Jo In Sung. 

Mar 6, 2013

Song Joong Ki and Han Hyo Joo Shoot a Commercial Together

Actor Song Joong Ki and Han Hyo Joo recently shot a commercial together. An online community posted several pictures with the caption, “Song Joong Ki and Han Hyo Joo are shooting a commercial today.” The pictures show the two of them working in great harmony in a happy atmosphere.

The two stars portray a great couple in the ad. Song Joong Ki and Han Hyo Joo are well known as stars with very good complexions, and they showed off their good looks. Their smiling faces make people envious.

After School’s Uee Names Song Joong Ki as Her Ideal Type

After School’s Uee recently revealed that Song Joong Ki is her ideal type. On an episode of Mnet’s “Wide Entertainment News” featured an interview with the singer-actress, where she talked about her style, upcoming fashion trends, and her ideal type.

Feb 11, 2013

Song Joong Ki Jokes about Lee Kwang Soo

Actor Song Joong Ki recently showed off close friendship with Lee Kwang Soo.

On the February 9 episode of KBS’s Entertainment Relay, Song Joong Ki heard that Lee Kwang Soo was selected as a star who will shine in 2013 and made people laugh by saying, “I don’t think that the result is reliable.”

Song Joong Ki and Kim Tae Hee Chosen as the Celebrities with the Best Palm Readings for 2013

Song Joong Ki and Kim Tae Hee were chosen as the celebrities with the best palm readings for 2013.

Lately, the cable channel Y-STAR ‘GoongGeumTa‘ has been looking at various fortunes and mentalities of celebrities. This time, the show looked at palm readings.

Feb 10, 2013

Song Joong Ki Reveals His Childhood Dreams

Actor Song Joong Ki revealed his childhood dreams on the February 9th episode of 'Entertainment Relay', where the crew visited Song Joong Ki at a photo shoot set. The topic of his childhood dream came up, and he answered, "I wanted to be a diplomat, and there were times I thought about working at a broadcast station. In elementary school, I wrote that I wanted to be an actor. My elementary school dream came true."

Feb 9, 2013

Song Joong Ki and Kim Soo Hyun Living Parallel Lives

Two of Korea’s most popular actors, Song Joong Ki and Kim Soo Hyun, have careers that seem to rum parallel to each other. The February 1 airing of MBC’s Section TV Celebrity News analyzed their acting careers, and found that while they seem so different in so many ways, they are actually quite similar.

Both actors have gained fame as the hottest actors of last year. Their handsome looks and outstanding acting skills quickly grabbed the attention and affections of female fans. It seems as if their lives intersect at certain points.

Feb 7, 2013

BFFs Song Joong Ki and Lee Kwang Soo Show Loyalty to Jo In Sung

Song Joong Ki and Lee Kwang Soo recently displayed their loyalty to senior actor Jo In Sung and it’s attracting a lot of attention.

At the end of last month, Song Joong Ki, Lee Kwang Soo as well as actor Kim Ki Bang made a surprise visit at the filming set of “That Winter, the Wind Blows.”