Aug 1, 2013

Son Hyun Joo Gets BoA on the Phone with Song Joong Ki

An avid drama lover and a huge fan of Song Joong Ki, BoA became the biggest fangirl on a recent episode of SBS’ Thank You when she got the opportunity to speak with the actor.

In a recent filming of Thank You, BoA met up with talented actor, Son Hyun Joo, calling up friends that they would like to see. Some of the people they called included Zo In Sung, Yoo Hae Jin, Super Junior’s Choi Si Won, Moon Jung Hee and more. 

The two were quite surprised to see that they had a lot of mutual friends despite generation gaps and differences in occupation. 

As they called their friends, Son Hyun Joo asked which actor BoA likes.

The singer honestly replied that she likes Song Joong Ki, an actor that she has previously become excited over while watching Nice Man

To her surprise, Son Hyun Joo said that he was actually very close to Song Joong Ki and allowed BoA to talk with him on the phone. 

BoA and Song Joong Ki’s conversation will be revealed on August 2. 

Photo Credit: SBS 
Source: ENewsWorld

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