Jul 23, 2013

Which Celebrities Do Fans Most Want to Live With?

Girls' Generation and Kim Soo Hyun were chosen as the #1 celebrities who fans want to live with.

The movie 'Hide and Seek' ran a survey from July 8 to 14 via SNS and polls on various movie sites to ask, "Where do you want to hide and live," and "Which celebrity do you wish lived at your house?"

For the first question concerning where you want to hide and live, the top answer was 'a celebrity's house' with 27% followed by 'my crush's house' with 22%. Third place went to 'an empty house' with 17%. 'My lover's house' and 'a rich person's house' tied for the fourth place spot with 16% each.

As for celebrities who fans wanted to live with, Girls' Generation and Kim Soo Hyun tied for #1 with 17% of the total votes. Song Joong Ki and Lee Jong Suk tied for #2 at 15%, and Won Bin rounded up at third with 13%.

Which celebrity would you want to live with?

Source: Allkpop

1 comment:

  1. Any sane person, in my personal opinion, would want to "live" with Joong Ki Song, 24/7. Honestly, people are we giving sympathy votes?