Jan 13, 2013

Song Joong Ki Would Probably Look Like This in Person?

Actor Song Joong Ki showed his perfect skin.

Recently, on an online community's notice board, several pictures titled "Song Joong Ki Would Look Like This in Real Life" were uploaded.

In the picture, he shows off his skin that is in perfect condition. His skin is clear and light and makes his face even brighter. He showed that he's one of the male celebrities with the best skin.

Jan 11, 2013

Song Joong Ki "My Father asked Me to Say His Name First before My Mother's, During My Award Speech"

Song Joong Ki said what he couldn't say during his speech for an award he received.

Song Joong Ki appeared on KBS2 "Entertainment Relay," and talked about stories about "2012 KBS Drama Awards."

Song Joong Ki Admits He is Hot-Tempered

On SBS radio power FM’s “Park So Hyun’s Love Game” that aired on January 4, actor Song Joong Ki appeared as a special guest.

When one of the listeners asked if Song Joong Ki was really a “Nice Guy” and when was his last time he got angry, Song Joong Ki answered, “I actually have quite a temper.”

Song Joong Ki continued, “I tend to speak out when I feel like I am not being treated fairly at work. I also get angry when co-workers act rude. Once, I actually yelled at an older actor.”

Song Joong Ki Confesses, "There was Someone I Wanted to Work With" and His Father PR

Who is the actress Song Joong Ki just can get over?

Song Joong Ki recently appeared in the SBS Power FM "Park So Hyun's Love Game" and when he was asked on what he put his gravity on between the quality of the work or the opposing actress, he said, "I would say the quality and that's why I chose "Deep-rooted Tree".

Jan 10, 2013

Moon Chae Won "The Most Memorable Scene in "Nice Guy" was The Kiss Scene with Song Joong Ki"

Actress Moon Chae Won revealed that the most memorable kiss scene in KBS 2TV "Nice Guy" was the kiss scene with Song Joong Ki.

Moon Chae Won appeared on KBS 2TV "Entertainment Relay" and said, "The most memorable scene was the kiss scene with Song Joong Ki in Japan."

[PIC] Song Joong Ki Shows Support for Lee Kwang Soo

 Song Joong Ki shows support to his best friend, Lee Kwang Soo by attending the actor's movie premier "My Little Hero" on the 3rd of January. Both of them have been best of friend since "Running Man" and have acted together in 'Nice Guy'.

Top 10 Most Handsome Actors as Chosen by a Plastic Surgeon

"Human beings feel that a 1:1.618 facial proportion is the most beautiful on a human face"

Jan 7, 2013

Song Joong Ki Expresses His Love Towards His Father

Actor Song Joong Ki recently talked about his father. On the 4th January, Song Joong Ki appeared on SBS Power FM Park So Hyun’s Love Game and talked honestly about his family and acting career.

When he was asked about his father, he said, “I saw my father promoting the movie A Werewolf Boy to students telling them who he is. I was shy but I also felt good.”

Jan 5, 2013

Why Did Song Joong Ki Not Appear on Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook?

It was later revealed that actor Song Joong Ki’s plan to appear in the Christmas special feature for KBS 2’s Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook was canceled.

A representative in charge of KBS variety programs told Starnews on January 3, “While we were negotiating about Song’s appearance for the shooting, we couldn’t reach an agreement about having people in the audience. The show was originally planning on an event that grants singers’ wish without audience, but Song Joong Ki had a different idea. He wanted people in the audience.”

Jan 1, 2013

[VID] Nice Guy Grabs Major Awards on KBS Drama Awards 2012!

Nice Guy is one of the major winners on the recently concluded KBS Drama Awards 2012 which took place tonight December 31, 2012 in line for celebrating their best year for producing top-rated dramas.

Nice Guy headlines today’s popular heartthrob Song Joong Ki and the multi-awarded actress Moon Chae Won who both took home the Male Top Excellence Award and Female Excellence Award respectively.

Moon Chae Won obtains her back-to-back Best Actress win in this event, last year she won the same award for The Princess’ Man opposite Park Si Hoo who is coincidentally one of the presenters of the night.

Winners from the ’2012 KBS Drama Awards’!

The stars and crew members from the best KBS dramas and miniseries of 2012 came together to celebrate the end of the year and recognize the talent that shined over the past 12 months at the ‘2012 KBS Drama Awards‘.

The big winner today was Kim Nam Joo, who won the Daesang for her performance in ‘Unexpected You’.

Check out the full list of winners below!