Sep 27, 2012

Song Joong Ki becomes More Confident when Dressed as a Werewolf

Actor Song Joong Ki recently confessed that he became more confident thanks to the werewolf makeup.

In the afternoon of September 26, a showcase for the movie A Werewolf Boy (directed by Jo Sung Hee, produced by Silk Road) was held at the Apgujeong CGV Theater located in Shinsa-dong, Seoul.

Sep 24, 2012

Song Joong Ki Turns Manly for ‘Harper’s Bazaar’

Song Joong Ki, who plays a special boy who has been discarded by society in the movie, ‘A Werewolf Boy‘, has released 2 photos that show off his masculinity.

Teaming up with fashion magazine Harper’s Bazaar, the actor formerly known for his ‘pretty boy’ image participated in a photo shoot to show his brand-new ‘manly actor’ image.

Sep 23, 2012

It only Takes Ten Seconds for Song Joong Ki to Capture Women’s Hearts

Song Joong Ki will capture women’s hearts by transforming into an attractive bartender.

In the September 20 episode of KBS’s Wednesday-Thursday series 'Nice Guy', Song receives many favorable reviews as a medical school student and a bad guy. He will also show off his charms as a bartender.

Song Joong Ki is stigmatized as a murderer instead of Park Si Yeon (plays the role of Han Jae Hee). He gives up his dream of becoming a doctor and lives his life as an attractive bartender, who is sweet and handsome so that he can make girls fall for him.

Song Joong Ki wants to Walk around Holding Hands with Actress Park Bo Young?

Actor Song Joong Ki and actress Park  Bo Young were interviewed on the most recent episode of SBS ‘One Night of TV Entertainment‘ during their photo shoot for their upcoming movie ‘A Werewolf Boy‘.

Because Song Joong Ki seemed to be taking extra care of Park Bo Young during the interview, interviewer Cho Young Gu asked, “What if people think you two are dating after this airs?” In response Song Joong Ki replied, “I wish an article like that would surface” while Park Bo Young replied jokingly, “To think the popular Song Joong Ki is my boyfriend. Yay~“.

Nice Guy Episode 4 [Eng Sub]

Sep 21, 2012

‘Nice Guy’ Beats Out ‘Arang and the Magistrate’ for 1st Place in Viewer Ratings

KBS 2TV‘s ‘Nice Guy‘ came in 1st place in viewer ratings for this week’s latest episode.

According to AGB Nielsen Media Research, the September 20th episode of the drama recorded a 13.3% viewer rating, which is 0.5% lower than their previous episode’s ranking of 13.8%. However, the drama was still able to overcome its competing drama for the time slot, MBC‘s ‘Arang and the Magistrate‘, which brought in a 13.1% viewer rating.

Nice Guy’ premiered last week and has been receiving praise for the cast’s acting and its compelling storyline. It will be interesting to see if ‘Nice Guy’ can maintain its first place ranking in the upcoming weeks.

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Nice Guy Episode 3 [Eng Sub]

Sep 16, 2012

Nice Guy Episode 2 [Eng Sub]

Nice Guy Episode 1 [Eng Sub]

“Arang and the Magistrate” Takes Lead over “Nice Guy” and “To the Beautiful You”

Shin Min Ah and Lee Jun Ki’s “Arang and the Magistrate” is currently number 1 in terms of Wed-Thurs drama ratings race. According to AGB Nielsen, the fantasy series recorded 14.5%, a 0.4% increase from the night before. It’s newest competitor “Nice Guy,” starring Moon Chae Won and Song Joong Ki, dropped down to single digits within the second episode, recording 9.9%. Meanwhile, “To the Beautiful You,” starring idols f(x)’s Sulli and SHINee’s Minho saw a slight increase, recording 5.8%. 

Song Joong Ki’s Kang Maru Might Have to Change His Name in “Nice Guy”

Nice Guy” may have to change the name of its male character. In the new KBS series, Song Joong Ki plays Kang Maru, a bright med-student who sacrificed his future for the woman he loved only to be betrayed by her. Several people have submitted their complaints at the Seoul Southern District Court, asking the court to force the production to change Kang Maru’s name. Coincidentally, or not, Kang Maru shares the same name as chicken brand “Chicken Maru,” a major investing company behind the drama.  As such, many are claiming that the name Kang Maru was being used as an indirect advertisement.  

Sep 15, 2012

Song Joong Ki Appeals to Viewers with his Charismatic Look

Song Joong Ki recently attracted a lot of attention with a charismatic look in his eyes.

Song is currently playing the role of Maru, a man who loses everything, betrayed by his lover, and tries to take revenge on her in KBS 2TV’s new drama series Nice Guy, which started airing on September 12. In the second episode of the series, which aired on September 13, Maru (played by Song Joong Ki) decides to take revenge on Jae Hee (played by Park Si Yeon).

Maru gets taken to the police station for saving Eun Gi (played by Moon Chae Won) in an airplane and blackmailing Jae Hee, the second wife of Eun Gi’s father, for money.

Song Joong Ki gets Shocked by Park Si Yeon on Nice Guy

Song Joong Ki gets shocked by Park Si Yeon six years later.

In the first episode of KBS 2TV’s drama series Nice Guy, which aired on September 12, Maru (played by Song Joong Ki) encounters Jae Hee (played by Park Si Yeon) after six years.

Maru meets Eun Gi (played by Moon Chae Won) for the first time in an airplane. He finds her unconscious, but flight attendants appear at the moment and he goes back to his seat.

Sep 12, 2012

“Nice Guy’s” Moon Chae Won, Song Joong Ki, and Park Shi Yeon Express Thoughts on Upcoming Premiere

Song Joong Ki, Moon Chae Won, and Park Shi Yeon revealed their thoughts on tonight’s premiere of “Nice Guy (full official title: There’s No Such Thing As Nice Guys).” 

Song Joong Ki started, “Every scene was hard because it was so emotional, but it’s an honor to be working with writer Lee Kyung Hee, and I know it’ll be very meaningful project. I’m looking forward to the premiere.” He continued, “While he’s a cold, heartless character, I’m working hard to put some humanity into him, so please watch. 

Song Joong Ki and Park Si Yeon Shared a Teary Kiss on Nice Guy

Actor Song Joong Ki and actress Park Si Yeon will share a kiss on a TV series.

In the first episode of KBS’s new Wednesday-Thursday series Nice Guy, which will air on September 12, Song Joong Ki (plays the role of Kang Ma Roo) and Park Si Yeon (plays the role of Han Jae Hee) share a teary kiss.

Sep 10, 2012

Not-So-”Nice Guy” Song Joong Ki Says He wants Vampire or Werewolf Roles in “1st Look”

Fashion magazine “1st Look” released behind the scenes photographs of KBS Wednesday-Thursday drama “Nice Guy” star Song Joong Ki‘s  fall photo shoot in which the actor transforms from a “nice guy” to a “fall guy.”  

Song Joong Ki is currently acting in KBS drama “Nice Guy” with actresses Park Shi Yeon and Moon Chae Won.  Song Joong Ki plays the part of Kang Maru who was a once promising medical student happily in love with his first love Han Jae Hee played by  Park Shi Yeon.  But, Han Jae Hee comes from a difficult family situation and when she meets a rich CEO who can provide her a life of material comfort, she decides to choose money over love, and leaves Kang Maru.  The bitter Kang Maru then drops out of medical school and becomes a bartender.  He eventually meets Seo Eun Ki, played by Moon Chae Won, who happens to be the stepdaughter of Han Jae Hee.  Kang Maru decides to use Seo Eun Ki to get his revenge upon Han Jae Hee.   

Read selected excerpts from the interview accompanying the photo shoot below: 

Song Joong Ki Holds a Birthday Party for Park Si Yeon on Nice Guy

Pictures of Song Joong Ki and Park Si Yeon of Innocent Man were recently released.

Song Joong Ki and Park Si Yeon who will appear on KBS’s new Wednesday-Thursday series Nice Guy recently took couple pictures for the series.

The pictures, which drew a lot of attention, feature the happy couple having a great time together while holding a birthday cake.

Sep 7, 2012

Song Joong Ki Aims to Change it Up

Song Joong Ki, the baby-faced actor who is the face of Seoul Milk, is set to take on a role unlike any he's played before.

At a press conference for the new KBS drama "Nice Guy" on Wednesday, the 26 year old said he had no intention of trying to change his public image. 

Song Joong Ki "Forget about the Milk Ad"

Massive change in "Nice Guy"

"Bad guy uses women"

Song Joong Ki uses two women to relieve himself from his former love. Something we haven't seen before.

“Nice Guy” Song Joong Ki Becomes “Autumn Guy” For 1st Look

Actor Song Joong Ki comes back as an outstanding young “Autumn Guy” for a fashion shoot.

His dazzling and clean-cut photos will be part of 1st Look’s September spread. He dons classic suits fitted for the cooler season with variations of knits, padded elbows and other stylish items.

Sep 6, 2012

Song Joong Ki of Wolf Boy: “He Should Not Exist in the World”

The first trailer for the movie Wolf Boy was recently released. Actor Song Joong Ki and actress Park Bo Young are drawing a lot of attention from the trailer.

On September 6, posters for the movie were released for the first time and proved the movie is the current issue by receiving over 560,000 hits in just one day. In the poster, Song Joong Ki, who transformed into a tough werewolf, shows off his manly charm.

Song Joong Ki Says, “I Learned Acting from Jo In Sung”

Actor Song Joong Ki recently gave an interview during his photo shoot.

In the pictorial of the fashion magazine First Look, Song Joong Ki shows off an innocent look and a mature, manly look in various autumn clothes, which ranges from classic suits to knitwear and padded jackets.

He especially shows off a gentle look in a classic suit and a classy casual look in a padded vest and a shirt.

Song Joong Ki: “I also Want to the Thank Pseudo-Reporters”

Song Joong Ki recently drew a lot of attention by making humorous remarks.

On September 5, Song attended a press conference for KBS’s series Nice Guy at COEX in Seoul and made many people laugh by making humorous remarks.

Song Joong Ki Doesn’t Care if He Plays the Leading Part or Not

Actor Song Joong Ki recently talked about playing the leading part in a TV series.

On September 5, Song Joong Ki attended a press conference for KBS’s new weekend series Nice Guy at COEX in Seoul and talked how he feels about playing the leading part in the series for the first time.

Song Joong Ki said, “Many people are asking me how I feel about playing the leading part for the first time. But I don’t place weight on the leading character and it actually doesn’t matter to me.”

Sep 4, 2012

Posters for Song Joong Ki of Nice Guy Released

Posters for KBS’s new Wednesday-Thursday series Nice Guy were released.

On September 4, the production company for the series released official posters, which portray lead actors with emotional eyes.

In the posters, the three actors are looking in three different directions with three different looks.

Moon Chae Won looks cold yet innocent in a sleeveless dress and Park Si Yeon shows off her charm as a villain with her powerful red lips.

Song Joong Ki, who plays the role of Kang Ma Roo, is wearing a expressionless look on his face and it made the audience curious about his character in the series.

The series is a classic melodrama about Kang Ma Roo, who is betrayed by the girl that he loves, Seo Eun Ki (played by Moon Chae Won), who falls in love with Kang Ma Roo, and Han Jae Hee (played by Park Si Yeon), who betrayed the man that she loves. The first episode will air on September 12.

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