Sep 15, 2012

Song Joong Ki gets Shocked by Park Si Yeon on Nice Guy

Song Joong Ki gets shocked by Park Si Yeon six years later.

In the first episode of KBS 2TV’s drama series Nice Guy, which aired on September 12, Maru (played by Song Joong Ki) encounters Jae Hee (played by Park Si Yeon) after six years.

Maru meets Eun Gi (played by Moon Chae Won) for the first time in an airplane. He finds her unconscious, but flight attendants appear at the moment and he goes back to his seat.

However, as the flight attendants make an in-flight announcement that they’re looking for a doctor, Jae Gil (played by Lee Kwang Soo) tells Maru to go because Maru used to be a medical student although he’s not a doctor now.

As Jae Gil tells Maru to go, talking about Maru’s sister Choco (played by Lee Yubi), Maru goes and sees Eun Gi. He finds that Eun Gi’s condition is serious and looks for her guardian.

However, Jae Hee appears as Eun Gi’s guardian. Maru was sentenced to five years’ imprisonment for murder instead of his lover Jae Hee six years ago.

Surprised by Jae Hee’s appearance, Maru asks her about her relationship with Eun Gi. Jae Hee says, “I’m her mother. I’m not, of course, her birth mother, but she’s a daughter of my husband.”

At this, Maru gets shocked because he has loved her so much that he took her guilt upon himself.

In the episode, Eun Gi also shows a charismatic look, blaming Mr. Choi (played by Lee Byung Jun).

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