Sep 23, 2012

It only Takes Ten Seconds for Song Joong Ki to Capture Women’s Hearts

Song Joong Ki will capture women’s hearts by transforming into an attractive bartender.

In the September 20 episode of KBS’s Wednesday-Thursday series 'Nice Guy', Song receives many favorable reviews as a medical school student and a bad guy. He will also show off his charms as a bartender.

Song Joong Ki is stigmatized as a murderer instead of Park Si Yeon (plays the role of Han Jae Hee). He gives up his dream of becoming a doctor and lives his life as an attractive bartender, who is sweet and handsome so that he can make girls fall for him.

Song Joong Ki learned how to make cocktails from a real veteran bartender to shoot the series. He carves ice with scissors and knives to make it round.

An official for the series says, “The entire crew, even the men, had a crush on him while he was carving the ice with a sharp knife.”

“Song Joong Ki puts all his energy into the shooting to portray the character Kang Ma Roo. Please look forward to seeing him transforming perfectly into the character for the series.”

The series, in which Song, Park, and Moon Chae Won (plays the role of Seo Eun Gi) capture the public by leading the plot in fast development, airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 9:55 p.m.

Source: Sports Korea
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