Jul 3, 2014

Soompi Ideal Type World Cup (Round 16)

Girls and guys, lets vote for Song Joong Ki so that he can proceed to the next round of Soompi Ideal World Cup. His opponent Kim Woo Bin is currently leading by only a small margin. Lets get him to the quater finals everyone. Click here to vote.

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Song Joong Ki Appears in New CF Despite Being in the Army

Song Joong Ki fans who have been missing the actor since he entered the military are in luck because the water purifier brand Ruhens released a new CF featuring the actor.

The CF shows the good-looking Song Joong Ki living an active lifestyle–biking, driving, walking, and concentrating on his work–with a tumbler of purified water on his hand to keep him hydrated throughout his busy day.

In the CF, Song Joong Ki talks about his personal story on how his health has gotten better through his habit of drinking water often.

Through Song Joong Ki, the brand Ruhens wanted to spread the message of drinking water for good health.

And this goal is not hard to reach for the brand because it has confidence in their brand ambassador. According to a representative from Ruhens , “Contrary to his youthful good looks, we were able to show Song Joong Ki in usual activities like driving. He acted so naturally and the female staff in the shoot naturally couldn’t contain their excitement.”

With the slogan, ‘Whenever, wherever, good water!’ the brand wants to send a message that there should be no division on the time and place where one should drink water for good health.

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Oct 20, 2013

Moon Chae Won Reveals the Reason Why Working with Song Joong Ki and Joo Won Felt Comfortable

Moon Chae Won revealed that working with Song Joong Ki and Joo Won was comfortable. When asked about her former co-stars in a recent interview, Moon Chae Won dished, "Their diligence and sincerity can not be compared... It is good that I get to work with such diligent actors."

"In an actress' perspective, it is most comfortable when I don't have to ask, 'Let's do this reading', and 'Let's try this scene together', when acting. I am really thankful that they made me feel comfortable."

Showbiz Korea : Stars with Outstanding Family Backgrounds

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Actors So Ji Sub and Han Ji Min Voted as Top Celebrity Choices for Autumn Vacation Companions

Eduwill recently conducted a survey asking which male and female celebrity people would most like to go on a vacation with to see the changing autumn leaves.  The subjects of the survey were 1,027 of their members and the results of their votes placed So Ji Sub and Han Ji Min as the top male and female celebrity with whom people wanted to go on a fall vacation.