Apr 16, 2016

Song Joong Ki Asked Whether Ideal Type Has Changed After Working With Song Hye Kyo

As the incredibly popular “Descendants of the Sun” has drawn to a close, lead actor Song Joong Ki recently sat down for an interview to talk about the drama.

During one segment, the interviewer mentioned that his chemistry with Song Hye Kyo was so good that dating rumors surrounded them throughout the drama’s run. The interviewer also asked if his ideal type had changed as he grew older.

Song Joong Ki Feels Apologetic Towards Lee Kwang Soo Regarding His “Descendants of the Sun” Cameo Appearance

On April 15, Song Joong Ki attended the wrap-up press conference for "Descendants of the Sun" and talked about his best friend Lee Kwang Soo.

He addressed Lee Kwang Soo making a small cameo appearance on the drama and apologized to his friend saying, "I’m really thankful that Kwang Soo made a cameo appearance but I’m also feel a bit sorry towards him because I feel like Kwang Soo’s talent is spent on making cameos a lot of the time."

Song Joong Ki Wishes People Would Respect His Privacy

It seems that even Song Joong Ki isn’t immune to the negative side effects of his fame.

At the wrap-up press conference for the hit drama "Descendants of the Sun," Song Joong Ki is asked, "This might be a sensitive question, but did you vote in the recent election?” Though the actor is clearly annoyed by the question, he answers it with grace.

Apr 15, 2016

Song Joong Ki: 'I Learned a Lot From My Character'

"Descendants of the Sun" has come to an end, and so has Song Joong Ki’s time as the dashing Army Captain Yoo Shi Jin. But this may only mark another beginning for the 31 year old actor, whose celebrity status has rocketed to a whole new level since his appearance in the military-themed TV drama. For the first time since the show’s wrap, Song met with reporters in a group interview Friday at Grand Hyatt Seoul to discuss the frenzy of his new-found fame, his future plans and more.

Q: A lot of the “Descendants” filming crew say that you’re a “man’s man” and very masculine on set.

A: A lot of my costars say that. I’m not sure what the standard for being masculine is. I don’t really know what they’re referring to. Maybe it’s because I pick up the tab for our after work meals a lot.

Song Joong Ki's Arm Cast in 'Descendants of the Sun' Real

The cast worn by Yoo Shi Jin, the lead character in the KBS drama series “Descendants of the Sun” turned out to be actor Song Joong-ki’s real-life injury, according to local media outlets.

Song Joong Ki was injured during while filming for the drama on Nov. 23, 2015. The injury left him with a fracture on his right arm along with a cruciate ligament rupture which needed eight weeks of recovery.