Jan 29, 2012

Emergence of a New King

Kim Soo Hyun as Lee Hwon The Moon Embracing the Sun  and Song Joong Ki as King Lee Dong of Deep Rooted Tree has resembling as king “Emergence of a New King”.

Last year Song Joongki catch the attetion of viewer’s attention as King Lee Dong in Deep Rooted Tree the role as young acttor has been recognized. Kim Soo Hyun also current ratings surpassed 30 percent units MBC drama “Sun and Moon”They both attracted the attention of viewers because the public already ironically and with the king’s image different incarnations.

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[PHOTO] Song Joong Ki Greeting Happy Lunar New Year in Hanbok

[VIDEO] Song Joong Ki New Sonsoo CF

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[VIDEO] Song Joong Ki was Mentioned on KBS2 'Wild Romace'

On the 8th episode of Wild Romance, Yoo Eun Jae (played by Lee Si Young) mentioned Song Joong Ki name. Song Joong Ki was mentioned by Yoo Eun Jae when she was telling Park Moo Yeol (played by Lee Dong Wook) about his first love who looks like Song Joong Ki.

It's started around 11.45 to 11.50

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Jan 22, 2012

Song Joong Ki's Generous Gift to His Manager

Actor Song Joong Ki's generous gift to his manager is drawing attention. Song Joong Ki's manager Kim Jung Yong of Sidus HQ revealed that he received a car from Song Jung Ki as a gift. The car that Song Joong Ki gave his manager is the newest model of the Hyundai i-30.

Jan 15, 2012

For Song Joong Ki, “Seeing is Believing”

Certified “umchina” Song Joong Ki is not only busy hosting his new show Made in U on jTBC but also active in helping a project for the visually impaired people. Joong Ki graced Korea Standard Chartered’s event called Good-Hearted Voice Festival at COEX B1 Hall.

Jan 14, 2012

Song Joong Ki the Talented Manner MC, Hosting on His Knees?

Actor Song Joong Ki is currently MC’ing JTBC‘s idol star audition program ‘Made In U’ and is receiving rave reviews. Many are incredulous at the fact that this is the first time Song Joong Ki is working as the MC carrying the live show for 2 hours.

With so many contestants, it can be hard to remain focused but Song Joong Ki seems to have an innate ability as the MC calm and collected as he carries on with the show.

Song Joong Ki’s Animal Man Transformation, Diet Plan Revealed

Actor Song Joong Ki is preparing for a transformation into an animal man.

On TV Chosun’s ‘Entertainment in TV’ scheduled to air on the 13th, the ‘Issue Tracker’ team will report on Song Joong Ki’s latest efforts to shaping his body for his role in the movie, ‘Wolf Boy’.

Jan 10, 2012

A Fatherly Smile from Han Seok Kyu to Song Joong Ki

Actor Han Seok Kyu looked at junior actor Song JoongKi with a very proud smile.

This image was shown at the 2011 SBS Acting Awards that was held on December 31st.

The camera took shots of actors Han Seok Kyu and Song Joong Ki sitting together at a table during the event. The two actors worked together in the SBS drama "Deep-rooted Tree".

Jan 9, 2012

Yoo Ah In wants to Act Opposite Song Joong Ki in a Melodrama?

With the success of the movie ‘Wandeuggi’, Yoo Ah In has become one of the top actors to watch in 2012. Yoo Ah In is loved by many people of different age groups and gender. Yoo Ah In drew attention pointing out who he would like to act opposite a melodrama.

‘Made in U’ Receives a 0% Viewer Rating

jTBC‘s star search reality program ‘Made in U‘ received a 0% viewer rating for its first episode, starting off on a very bad note.

On January 7th, the program aired its first episode, receiving precisely 0.189% in viewer ratings. ‘Superstar K‘, ‘Birth of a Great Star‘, and ‘Kpop Star‘ have been receiving ratings close to 20% viewer ratings. All three shows have earned an enormous amount of popularity. Compared to these shows, “Made In U” is a complete and utter failure.

Jan 8, 2012

Song Joong Ki ‘Made In U’ Solo MC, Critics Rave

Song Joong Ki showed off his smooth skills as an MC.

JTBC’s ‘Made in U’ was presented on January 7th at Hoam Art Hall in Seoul.

Jan 2, 2012

Kim Soo Hyun “Song Joong Ki is a Role Model for Me”

Kim Soo Hyun, who is currently shooting a historical series for the first time after his debut, recently talked about his feelings.

On January 2, Kim Soo Hyun attended a press conference for MBC’s new Wednesday-Thursday series The Moon Embracing the Sun in Seoul.

Song Joong Ki Says, “My Friend Kwang Soo, Thank You”

Song Joong Ki and Lee Kwang Soo’s close friendship has attracted people’s attention.

At the 2011 SBS Drama Awards, which aired on December 31, Song Joong KI won Producer Award.

Song Joong Ki said between his tears, “I was scolded when I decided to play the role of young Lee Do because many people thought I was too old for that. But I really wanted to try my best and fascinate the audience.”

Jan 1, 2012

Lee Kwang Soo Apologizes to Song Joong Ki & After School’s Lizzy

Lee Kwang Soo apologized to Song Joong Ki and Lizzy for leaving them out in his speech after winning his award.

Lee Kwang Soo tweeted on December 31st, “I truly thank all the followers who congratulated me. It was so sudden and I was taken back that I left out my friend Joong Ki and dongsaeng Lizzy. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. You know how I feel, right? If later on, another good opportunity is given, then I will make sure I mention you first. ‘Love you’.”

Song Joong Ki Won 'Producer Award' at 2011 SBS Drama Awards

Song Joong Ki and Lee Yo Won received the ‘Producer Award’ for male and female actor each at the ’2011 SBS Drama Awards’.

Song Joong Ki and Lee Yo Won were the recipients of the ‘Producer Award’ which was voted on by the producers themselves.