Jan 1, 2012

Song Joong Ki Won 'Producer Award' at 2011 SBS Drama Awards

Song Joong Ki and Lee Yo Won received the ‘Producer Award’ for male and female actor each at the ’2011 SBS Drama Awards’.

Song Joong Ki and Lee Yo Won were the recipients of the ‘Producer Award’ which was voted on by the producers themselves.

Song Joong Ki played the role of the young Sejong on ‘Deep Rooted Tree’ and he said, “I am so happy but so nervous…” Song Joong Ki continued, “When I first saw the script for ‘Deep Rooted Tree’, I told the PD at the production company that I really wanted to do it. Then I told the sunbaes around me because the script was so fun and many told me ‘why would you play the child role at your age?”. I really wanted to work hard and have the viewers go crazy for our drama” and the applauses were like thunder.

Then Song Joong Ki added, “Thank you so much. Director Jang Tae Yoo, it was really tough because of the director but thanks to the director I could get direction despite my acting abilities that lack. It was really hard but thank you so much for making me worry. Thank you so much. I will take this gratefulness to become a good actor in action.”

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Source: Newsen, Hankyung via Nate
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