Jan 27, 2012

Song Joong Ki Looks Manly in a Photo Taken by Fan in Australia

Actor Song Joong Ki switches from ‘gentle’ to ‘manly’ look.

The photos above were posted on an online community board titled, “The meeting of Song Joong Ki in Australia“.

Song Joong Ki was in Melbourne, Australia recently for a photoshoot and he appeared on the street wearing a t-shirt. Australia’s seasonal changes are in a perfect match to do advanced season photoshoots during the winters in Korea.

Song Joong Ki signed autographs for everyone who recognized him. It was also noticeable he was starting to bulk up a little for his role in the movie, ‘Wolf Boy’.

Netizens commented on the photos, “So, we’ll no longer be able to see the gentle Song Joong Ki?”, “Animal man Song Joong Ki?”, “I give myself to you as a gift. You cannot return or get rid of me..”, “Nah, he’s still a little too skinny”, “He’s got a clean image and he’s a good actor. I like him even though I’m a guy”, and so on.

Source: Joongang via Nate
Shared by: KPOPFever

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