Jan 8, 2012

Song Joong Ki ‘Made In U’ Solo MC, Critics Rave

Song Joong Ki showed off his smooth skills as an MC.

JTBC’s ‘Made in U’ was presented on January 7th at Hoam Art Hall in Seoul.

Song Joong Ki got on stage as the solo MC and he showed off a great degree of concentration for a smooth live broadcast. Many were surprised by the fact that Song Joong Ki is not only talented in acting and variety but also as an MC.

The live broadcast was a game of survival where 25 were able to move onto the next round based on the scores from the qualifications, online voting, and text voting throughout the broadcast.

‘Made in U’ will air live every Saturday at 9:55pm.

Image: JTBC ‘Made In U’
Source: TV Daily via Nate
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  1. I'd already said, Song Joong ki oppa is the best!!!