Jan 2, 2012

Kim Soo Hyun “Song Joong Ki is a Role Model for Me”

Kim Soo Hyun, who is currently shooting a historical series for the first time after his debut, recently talked about his feelings.

On January 2, Kim Soo Hyun attended a press conference for MBC’s new Wednesday-Thursday series The Moon Embracing the Sun in Seoul.

Kim Soo Hyun said, “I haven’t lived like a king yet so I watched many kings in several series. Among young kings, King Sejong who was played by Song Joong Ki, is a role model for me.” Song Joong Ki previously appeared on the series, A Deep-Rooted Tree.

He added that he tries not to smile to look like an old king.

He said, “Since I look little younger than my age when I smile, I try not to smile so that I can look like an old king. I felt sorry when we were having a photo time.”

“I am playing the role of King Lee Hwon, imaginary King of the Joseon Dynasty. I’d like to express a King who tries very hard to improve the domestic situation and loves a woman passionately.”

“There were many kings in many series so far but I will play the different King. Please believe me,” he said and made people laugh”

The series is written by Jung Eun Kwol, who wrote the series Sunkyunkwan Scandal. The series, which is about a king and a female shaman’s love story, will start airing on January 4.

Source: Starnews
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