Mar 16, 2013

Song Joong Ki for Acuvue

According to contact lenses brand Acuvue, Song Joong Ki and Han Hyo Joo are a perfect couple, if their compatibility is based on the shape of their eyes and the alluring gazes they cast at you. 

The two actors were recently selected as models for Acuvue. The reasons stated by Acuvue were, Song Joong Ki has drawn impressive box office numbers and carries a distinct, strong gaze to him. Han Hyo Joo is also a great actress, not to mention beautiful with her attractive and confident gaze. We thought these models represented our brand’s concept best and complimented each other nicely.”

Mar 12, 2013

Song Joong Ki Proves He’s CF King with 10 Ads

With 10 CFs to his name currently, it appears everyone wants a piece of actor Song Joong Ki.

The actor is the face of a diverse range of products, from Maxim Coffee, fast food chain Lotteria, cosmetics brand Laneige Homme, The North Face, Samsung’s Galaxy Pop and Samsonite, among a slew of others, pointing to the many facets of Song Joong Ki’s personality and charm. 

Not only do brands seek the actor for his image, Song Joong Ki delivers when it comes to the bottom line. In fact, Song Joong Ki’s commercial power is so great that the red back pack he is seen modeling in Samsonite’s current ads (which is being called the ‘Song Joong Ki backpack’ among consumers), sold out within three weeks. 

Mar 10, 2013

Song Joong Ki Chosen as Maxim Coffee Model

Proving his constant popularity, Song Joong Ki has been selected to be the face of Maxim Mocha Gold Coffee. He completed filming for the ads in February. 

One commercial affiliate told eNEWS,Song Joong Ki has been chosen as the model for Maxim, which can be called the most authentic of all coffee commercials” andSong Joong Ki’s soft image will grow with the collaboration with Maxim.”

In a phone call with eNEWS, Song Joong Ki’s agency staff said, Song Joong Ki was chosen as the CF model because his intellectual image fit well with the product.” They added, “We finished filming for the Maxim Mocha Gold commercial on February 12. You’ll be able to see Song Joong Ki in a Maxim CF really soon.”

Song Joong Ki is Pure for RUHENS

Actor Song Joong Ki, known and loved for his pure and clean-cut image, has landed a new endorsement deal that is perfectly fits with his image!

According to his agency, Song Joong Ki has been selected as the face of water purifier brand, RUHENS.

A representative of RUHENS commented, “By appointing Song Joong Ki as our spokesperson, we hope to appeal to the public and show that RUHENS purifiers provide pure and clean drinking water.”

Mar 8, 2013

Song Joong Ki Doppelganger according to the Netizen


J Kyun

 J Kyun received the nickname ‘3 second Song Joong Ki.’Recently on an online community board, a post titled “J Kyun looks like Song Joong Ki during his hip-hop days.”In the picture, a comparison is made between the picture of J Kyun and still cuts of Song Joong Ki. The picture attracts attention because they resemble each other so much when seen from the side.

Mar 7, 2013

Song Joong Ki, Lee Kwang Soo, Im Joo Hwan and More Visit Jo In Sung on ‘That Winter’ Set

Song Joong Ki, Lee Kwang Soo, Im Joo Hwan and Kim Ki Bang visited the set of SBS’ That Winter, The Wind Blows to support show their strong friendship with actor Jo In Sung

The actors appeared on the set on February 25, bringing a food truck with them for the actors and the staff who were working hard during the cold winter. The actors enjoyed their time on the set, eating and conversing with Jo In Sung. 

Mar 6, 2013

Song Joong Ki and Han Hyo Joo Shoot a Commercial Together

Actor Song Joong Ki and Han Hyo Joo recently shot a commercial together. An online community posted several pictures with the caption, “Song Joong Ki and Han Hyo Joo are shooting a commercial today.” The pictures show the two of them working in great harmony in a happy atmosphere.

The two stars portray a great couple in the ad. Song Joong Ki and Han Hyo Joo are well known as stars with very good complexions, and they showed off their good looks. Their smiling faces make people envious.

After School’s Uee Names Song Joong Ki as Her Ideal Type

After School’s Uee recently revealed that Song Joong Ki is her ideal type. On an episode of Mnet’s “Wide Entertainment News” featured an interview with the singer-actress, where she talked about her style, upcoming fashion trends, and her ideal type.