Mar 12, 2013

Song Joong Ki Proves He’s CF King with 10 Ads

With 10 CFs to his name currently, it appears everyone wants a piece of actor Song Joong Ki.

The actor is the face of a diverse range of products, from Maxim Coffee, fast food chain Lotteria, cosmetics brand Laneige Homme, The North Face, Samsung’s Galaxy Pop and Samsonite, among a slew of others, pointing to the many facets of Song Joong Ki’s personality and charm. 

Not only do brands seek the actor for his image, Song Joong Ki delivers when it comes to the bottom line. In fact, Song Joong Ki’s commercial power is so great that the red back pack he is seen modeling in Samsonite’s current ads (which is being called the ‘Song Joong Ki backpack’ among consumers), sold out within three weeks. 

As women peg him as their ideal type and men aspire to be him, Song Joong Ki is one of the few actors who appeals to both sexes, making him all the more desirable as a CF model.

Song Joong Ki most recently starred in drama Nice Guy and film A Werewolf Boy.

Photo credit: Blossom Entertainment
Source: eNewsWorld

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  1. Right, totally agree with. Today I found his cosmestic billboard unexpectedly ,i even forgot to breath. Joong Ki can really make me smile<3 @-}--