Mar 8, 2013

Song Joong Ki Doppelganger according to the Netizen


J Kyun

 J Kyun received the nickname ‘3 second Song Joong Ki.’Recently on an online community board, a post titled “J Kyun looks like Song Joong Ki during his hip-hop days.”In the picture, a comparison is made between the picture of J Kyun and still cuts of Song Joong Ki. The picture attracts attention because they resemble each other so much when seen from the side.

B1A4′s Sandeul

In an online community board, a netizen had posted a topic comparing Sandeul’s features to Song Joong Ki’s. The pictures they attached drew a similarity between their smiles, their lip shape, their dimples, and even their eyes.

The comparison drew many comments about how the two stars looked like brothers. “One’s the spitting image of the other“, “Wow… Sandeul will grow up to look like Song Joong Ki? Daebak~”, they wrote.

Shin Won Ho

Rookie actor Shin Won Ho is attracting attention for his resemblance to Song Joong Ki. Cast in the drama “Big,” alongside Lee Min Jung, Gong Yoo, and Bae Suzy (miss A), Shin Won Ho photos from the set have drawn netizens’ interest. With his porcelain skin and baby face, netizens have nicknamed him the “three-second Song Joong Ki.”

EXO-K's Baek Hyun

Baekhyun: Because I look like the actor "Song Joong Ki" people started calling me the "mediocre Song Joong Ki". Meaning I was Song Joong Ki we could met in daily life.

But for me the best Song Joong Ki doppelganger is of course SHINee's Onew. I think they resemble each other so much.

SHINee's Onew

Source: Allkpop,, Soompi, ExoKTranslation


  1. The one who looks like Joong Ki is Shin Won Ho from front side. The others are not. But mieanae for others. No one is handsome as Joong Ki in my eyes.
    +-♥ LOVE ♥-+
    + + +

  2. I agree, 100%, no one is as handsome as our Joong Ki.