Jan 14, 2012

Song Joong Ki the Talented Manner MC, Hosting on His Knees?

Actor Song Joong Ki is currently MC’ing JTBC‘s idol star audition program ‘Made In U’ and is receiving rave reviews. Many are incredulous at the fact that this is the first time Song Joong Ki is working as the MC carrying the live show for 2 hours.

With so many contestants, it can be hard to remain focused but Song Joong Ki seems to have an innate ability as the MC calm and collected as he carries on with the show.

Recently on the program, Song Joong Ki got on his knees to get to the eye level of the youngest contestant on air in recent times. The thoughtful ways of song Joong Ki earned him the ‘Manner MC’ title from the netizens.

‘Made In U’ is an audition program that aims to break out of the usual audition programs airing live on 5 different channels, $1 million prize, and more weight on the netizen and viewer opinion.

Image: JTBC ‘Made In U’
Source: NewsEN via Nate
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  1. *imagining kwang sook doing the same thing* haha :D