Jan 9, 2012

‘Made in U’ Receives a 0% Viewer Rating

jTBC‘s star search reality program ‘Made in U‘ received a 0% viewer rating for its first episode, starting off on a very bad note.

On January 7th, the program aired its first episode, receiving precisely 0.189% in viewer ratings. ‘Superstar K‘, ‘Birth of a Great Star‘, and ‘Kpop Star‘ have been receiving ratings close to 20% viewer ratings. All three shows have earned an enormous amount of popularity. Compared to these shows, “Made In U” is a complete and utter failure.

The winner of this show is set to receive ~$1 million USD and a song from a famous foreign musician. These great prizes caught many peoples’ attention before the show began. However, viewers were disappointed by the messy and boring production style once the show finally aired.

In the 90-minute episode, 50 contestants were paired together. The pairs then had 1-on-1 battles to determine who would advance to the next round. To win the ‘battle’ the contestants competed with points from the judging panel, online voting points, and viewers’ text messages votes.

However, viewers were not voting after a singing or dancing performance; they were voting solely off their first impressions of the contestant. The contestants’ self-made videos were briefly shown, but the voting process was undeniably based on outer appearance, rather than actual talent.

People also felt sympathy for MC Song Joong Ki, who had immense pressure leading an entire show solely by himself.

There have been a flood of reality competition programs on TV. Though they all need to hold their own characteristic, sometimes, these shows can take it too far and not catch the viewers’ eyes.

Critics assert that the extravagant prize cannot be all there is to this show. This program needs to figure out what it wants from viewers.

Check out the premiere below, do you think it has potential?

Source: Money Today via Nate
Video: oumae025
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