Jan 14, 2012

Song Joong Ki’s Animal Man Transformation, Diet Plan Revealed

Actor Song Joong Ki is preparing for a transformation into an animal man.

On TV Chosun’s ‘Entertainment in TV’ scheduled to air on the 13th, the ‘Issue Tracker’ team will report on Song Joong Ki’s latest efforts to shaping his body for his role in the movie, ‘Wolf Boy’.

Song Joong Ki is currently working very hard to add muscle mass to his body for a cut and buffed up look. Foods on his diet plan includes chicken breast, hardboiled egg, protein shake, and other muscle enhancing foods.

Big Joe, the trainer who is responsible for shaping the bodies of actors Lee Byung Hun, Lee Bum Soo, Han Chae Young, and in total of about 300 stars stated, “Lee Byung Hun sometimes calls me in the middle of the night to ask questions, that’s how serious he is about keeping a toned body. To have the body of a top star requires an enormous amount of effort”.

Catch more on Song Joong Ki on the January 13th episode of ‘Entertainment in TV’.

Source: TV Report via Nate
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  1. aaahh, can't imagine it because usually I see muscle in dark skin xP