Sep 7, 2012

Song Joong Ki "Forget about the Milk Ad"

Massive change in "Nice Guy"

"Bad guy uses women"

Song Joong Ki uses two women to relieve himself from his former love. Something we haven't seen before.
Song Joong Ki appeared at the production presentation on the 5th and said, "This is anew character I am attempting and I am having fun changing. There are so many of you who remember me only from the milk commercial. I am not trying to change my image on purpose but I do have the desire for new characters".

Popular for the 2010 drama "Sungkyunkwan Scandal", Song Joong Ki later starred in a movie called "Penny Pinchers" and drama "Deep Rooted Tree". He starred in "Deep Rooted Tree" as the younger version of King Sejong. That was his first change and the response was good. "Nice Guy" is his next step towards change. He is the "Bad Guy" in this drama.

"Nice Guy" is about a man who is betrayed by the one he loves and using another woman to take revenge. To be aired on the 12th after "Bridal Mask".

Source: Sports Donga
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