Sep 6, 2012

Song Joong Ki Says, “I Learned Acting from Jo In Sung”

Actor Song Joong Ki recently gave an interview during his photo shoot.

In the pictorial of the fashion magazine First Look, Song Joong Ki shows off an innocent look and a mature, manly look in various autumn clothes, which ranges from classic suits to knitwear and padded jackets.

He especially shows off a gentle look in a classic suit and a classy casual look in a padded vest and a shirt.

Song Joong Ki recently came back to Korea, finishing a fan meeting tour of Asia, and is now working on his new drama series Nice Guy.

Song Joong Ki said he had the most meaningful experience while he was shooting the film A Frozen Flower. He said he learned how to think, behave, act, and interact with the crew as an actor along with the fact that people are more important than work while he was shooting the film.

Song Joong Ki also said the lead actor Jo In Sung taught him that it’s important to remember names of all crew.

The moment he regretted the most was when he wasn’t honest at work. After that experience, he has tried to become an honest and consistent person. He is also trying to work hard now.

Regarding what he will be doing ten years later, Song Joong Ki said, “I think I’ll be trying to get married. I want to get married before I become thirty-eight. I think I’ll still be working as an actor.”

The pictorial of Song Joong Ki and the interview with him can be seen on the official website of First Look (Firstlook) and the mobile application of the magazine (Firstlook Mobile).

Source: TV Report
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  1. Joong Ki looks great in all outfits, the coloring of the suit is perfect for him!