Sep 6, 2012

Song Joong Ki of Wolf Boy: “He Should Not Exist in the World”

The first trailer for the movie Wolf Boy was recently released. Actor Song Joong Ki and actress Park Bo Young are drawing a lot of attention from the trailer.

On September 6, posters for the movie were released for the first time and proved the movie is the current issue by receiving over 560,000 hits in just one day. In the poster, Song Joong Ki, who transformed into a tough werewolf, shows off his manly charm.

Song Joong Ki is staring into the camera and the phrase written right next to him made people curious by saying, “His temperature is 46 degrees and we can’t figure out his blood type. He should not exist in the world.” Park Bo Young, who has returned as a mature lady, is showing off her feminine charm through the poster with the phrase, “I’ll protect you forever.”

In the trailer, Park Bo Young emotionally narrates and announces that a werewolf has appeared. The trailer made the audience look forward to seeing the movie.

The movie will arouse many people’s sensibilities this fall with a fateful love story between dangerous werewolf boy and a lonely girl, who shuts the door in her mind against the world.

Source: Xportsnews
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