Sep 23, 2012

Song Joong Ki wants to Walk around Holding Hands with Actress Park Bo Young?

Actor Song Joong Ki and actress Park  Bo Young were interviewed on the most recent episode of SBS ‘One Night of TV Entertainment‘ during their photo shoot for their upcoming movie ‘A Werewolf Boy‘.

Because Song Joong Ki seemed to be taking extra care of Park Bo Young during the interview, interviewer Cho Young Gu asked, “What if people think you two are dating after this airs?” In response Song Joong Ki replied, “I wish an article like that would surface” while Park Bo Young replied jokingly, “To think the popular Song Joong Ki is my boyfriend. Yay~“.

In addition, Song Joong Ki asked Park Bo Young, “Do you want to walk around holding hands with oppa?” to which Park Bo Young immediately replied “Yes“.

Furthermore, when the interviewer asked Song Joong Ki what Park Bo Young’s charm was, he answered, “Her innocent smile and her fragrant scent“, igniting reactions among the staff. Park Bo Young then revealed however, that Song Joong Ki’s actual ideal woman was actress Shin Min Ah and left the actor speechless.

The interview ended with the each star revealing the things they wanted to get off their chests. During this segment, Song Joong Ki expressed feeling unloved by his co-star saying, “Park Bo Young only contacts Lee Kwang Soo.”

Source + Image: Newsen, Xports via Nate, Hankyung
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