Jan 11, 2013

Song Joong Ki Confesses, "There was Someone I Wanted to Work With" and His Father PR

Who is the actress Song Joong Ki just can get over?

Song Joong Ki recently appeared in the SBS Power FM "Park So Hyun's Love Game" and when he was asked on what he put his gravity on between the quality of the work or the opposing actress, he said, "I would say the quality and that's why I chose "Deep-rooted Tree".

He said, "Actually, there was someone I wanted to work with but I chose "Deep-rooted Tree". I can't tell you who it is but she was in something that was aired at a similar time frame".

He also showed off about his father's love for him. He said, "My dad would ask a group of kids going by and ask if they've seen the movie "A Werewolf Boy". He tells them that he's my father and that there's the extended version out in theatres now and they should go watch it. I feel really good and shy at this passion to promote me. I called him after "Nice Guy" and he said, "I am on the way to Tongyeong to see the actual place you shot your drama". I almost cried and decided I need to treat my father even better".

Source: Isplus
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