Jan 10, 2013

[PIC] Song Joong Ki Shows Support for Lee Kwang Soo

 Song Joong Ki shows support to his best friend, Lee Kwang Soo by attending the actor's movie premier "My Little Hero" on the 3rd of January. Both of them have been best of friend since "Running Man" and have acted together in 'Nice Guy'.

"My Little Hero" is a story of an ambitious thirty something musical director (Kim Rae Won)who takes part as a mentor for a musical project. Through an audition they are trying to cast an actor to play King Jungjo. The musical director picks a boy named Young Kwang through a blind test involving listening to just his singing. The musical director is surprised to learn that the young boy is a Filipino-Korean boy. The director becomes impressed by the boy's passion for music and also his family history. The boy is cast for the character of Yoo Il Han. The director first uses the boy for his own success, but later changes his ways.

Source: Picture (credit as tagged), Asianwiki

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