Aug 18, 2013

Netizen Reaction Towards Song Joong Ki Final Fan Meeting Before Enlistment

Source: Star News via Nate

1. [+316, -43] Do well ^^ We'll always support you

2. [+159, -27] And another leaves us ㅠㅠ

3. [+123, -18] I just came home from the fan meet. There wasn't one journalist there and the host was so great. It was a meaningful moment truly made for just Joong Ki oppa and his fans. It was upsetting to see him choke up every time the topic of the army was brought up...

4. [+19, -8] I lucked out the other day and saw Song Joong Ki at my mother's restaurant. He's such a cheerful person. Greeted her cheerfully and finished his bowl of rice without one grain left over. Even gave her an autograph ㅠ I never thought much of him because of the rumors calling him arrogant but I've totally changed my mind ㅠㅠ He seems like a great person

5. [+18, -12] It honestly can't be easy for him to enlist at a time when the army's image isn't at its best because of the celebrity soldier scandal. Looking forward to a great active duty service from him!

Source: NetizenBuzz


  1. Many fans love you for your gentle and kind respectful mannerisms. It's not only that you're so naturally good looking, your acting is beyond measure. I hope to enjoy many years of Joong Ki on the big screen and in homes throughout the world... Mr. BEST Actor, 2013, many blessings await your safe return.

  2. I'm looking forward for your comeback after army duty, Joong Ki. Not a single fan will forget you as your portfolio is just as amazing as I think you are in real life. You'll come out from duty stronger and better. Best of luck! :)

  3. Where is the photo from the actual event? Joong Ki looked so irresistibly cute/handsome, ALL-in-One, somebody, please, may we have a clone of our beloved SJK? It's going to be a long stretch of time ahead...

  4. In not seeing you, I'm confused, How did you get so 'fine'? Seeing the pictures taken at the restaurant with your friends, you looked fantastic. The face handsome, but the manly body - I guess you have been preparing for enlistment...WOW!, WOOWWW!