Aug 27, 2013

Song Joong Ki Leaves for the Army After Saying Goodbye

Over 200 fans swarmed the army camp to see Song Joong Ki leave to serve his military duties. On August 27, Song Joong Ki entered the army through the reserve in Chuncheon, Gangwon-do.

Fans had been crowding the camp since morning, and press members also fought to find good spots to capture the actor′s last moments. A few hours later, Song Joong Ki himself appeared in a black t-shirt, jeans and a baseball cap. When asked by press to take off his hat, Song Joong Ki revealed for the first time his short hair.

"Thank you for coming so far to see me," he said. "I′ll come back soon. Don′t worry." Though his goodbye was short, he still promised that he would return soon.

Song Joong Ki is the first celebrity to enter the army after the PR agent policy was discontinued. He will serve on active duty. The actor debuted in 2008 through an Mnet variety show, and started acting with the film A Frozen Flower.

Source: MWave


  1. So good of you to share your official enlistment with your many fans. Of course, you know just how much you are loved and will be missed. Keep us in your thoughts as you succeed in yet another episode of life. You know that you're just as cute as ever with the short haircut. I'm sure it'll get cropped even shorter. Don't be so pouty, you poke those lips out in a heartbeat if things don't go your way. (It's really cute to me, but, I don't think your comrades will feel the same.) Maintain that winning, stick-to-it-ness attitude, for it will surely bear earnest fruits. Blessings to You, beloved son, 'My Joong Ki'.

  2. I know you wont have the time to read this but i want you to know as a fan id love to see you soon and jave a picture with you. I adore your kindness and loving towards your fan.. all i wish is a signature and a picture with.. much love oppa.. i will wait for your shows until your back to your milirary service ♡♡♡

  3. May you have a HAPPY and prosperous NEW YEAR, Song Joong Ki!