Aug 14, 2013

Actress Nam Bora Wishes that Song Joong Ki was Her Older Brother

Actress Nam Bora showed her love for Song Joong Ki.

She guest starred with comedian Huh Kyung Hwan on the August 12th broadcast of KBS Radio Cool FM's 'Hong Jin Kyung's Two O'Clock' where she picked the male celebrity she would like to have as an older brother.
Nam Bora didn't hesitate to pick Song Joong Ki. DJ Hong Jin Kyung then looked at Huh Kyung Hwan and said, "Song Joong Ki and Huh Kyung Hwan can't even be compared. Huh Kyung Hwan probably feels more inferior now."

Meanwhile, Nam Bora gained a lot of praise after revealing that she still helps her parents at their restaurant as a waitress. She shared, "When I'm not busy, I help out at the restaurant. It's not an embarrassing thing to help your parents."

Source: Allkpop


  1. Song Joong Ki is a wealth of good... Joong Ki is someone who could be your everything!

  2. Good Morning, handsome, hoping your private fan meet goes well. Wish I could be there - Keep smiling!!!