Oct 20, 2013

Actors So Ji Sub and Han Ji Min Voted as Top Celebrity Choices for Autumn Vacation Companions

Eduwill recently conducted a survey asking which male and female celebrity people would most like to go on a vacation with to see the changing autumn leaves.  The subjects of the survey were 1,027 of their members and the results of their votes placed So Ji Sub and Han Ji Min as the top male and female celebrity with whom people wanted to go on a fall vacation.

So Ji Sub won with 422 votes (41%).  Eduwill explained that the actor had gained a lot of popularity for his role in 'The Sun of My Master' as a simultaneously soft-hearted and charismatic man.

Following him were Song Joong Ki with 246 votes (24%) and Hyun Bin with 164 votes (16%).

It appears that there was not as much of a significant difference in number of votes among the female celebrities who ranked in the survey.  Actress Han Ji Min ('Rooftop Prince') garnered 296 votes (28.8%) for first place, actress Gong Hyo Jin (also from 'The Sun of My Master') was close behind with 240 votes (23.4%) for second place, and Moon Chae Won ('Jung Yi') came in third with 214 votes (20.8%).

Which celebrity would you want as your companion for a beautiful autumn vacation?

Source: Allkpop

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  1. Joong Ki HOW can you still pull in the votes when you're not even available? Whatever it is, you've still GOT IT!