Jun 21, 2013

Song Joong Ki's Label Denies Rumors of August Enlistment

Rumors that Song Joong Ki would be enlisting in the army in August had left many fans in despair, but it looks like the rumors aren't true.

Rumors spread when a representative in the movie industry said, "I've been told that Song Joong Ki cannot push his enlistment back date any further. Since he's so well loved by the public and his acting ability is very good, he wants to work continue to work, but his situation won't allow him to do so." Another said, "Since he's the hottest thing right now, many producers contacted him recently. But because of his enlistment, he can't realistically talk about it."

However, his label has denied the rumors as they stated, "He didn't even receive a summon. We're in a difficult situation because of the rumors that he's going to be enlisting in August. He's currently actively looking for his next project, so we're sad this rumor spread. He's going to be choosing his next project with care."

Source: Star Today and Osen
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