Apr 30, 2013

Song Joong Ki Attends Shoot with Women from Across Asia in Beauty Camp

Song Joong Ki was spotted among the participants of a beauty camp, but his looks and his complexion didn't fall behind at all.

On April 27, Song Joong Ki attended a photo shoot for the ′Brighten Up Global Beauty Camp′ for Laneige Homme.

The Brighten Up Global Beauty Camp celebrated the launching of Laneige′s Original Essence White Plus Renew. 31 girls from seven countries across Asia were invited to participate in the event.

The camp was held for two days from April 26 to 27, with beauty programs that taught about skin brightening and various programs to brighten the mind also.

The highlight of the event was a photo shoot with Song Joong Ki, model of Laneige Homme. Every participant was made up by Laneige′s makeup artists for the shoot, and were asked to pose as professionals modeling for the brand.

Song Joong Ki′s smile never faded from his face throughout the shoot, and gave out a Waterful Sharing Limited Edition package with his autograph to everyone.

Netizens commented, "He shines among the beautiful women" and "His complexion actually looks better than theirs."

Photo credit: Laneige Homme
Source: eNewsWorld

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