May 2, 2013

Juniel Talks about Her Own Ideal “Pretty Boy”

Singer Juniel talked about her ideal “Pretty Boy“. The topic of her comeback was first brought up in her interview with My Daily. She said, “I really wanted to change (my image) this time. I’ve only sung sad songs on stage, so a lot of people saw me as a ‘sad girl’ or ‘depressed girl’. This time, I wanted to show people a cute, bright image that matches my age and personality. More than anything, I wanted to show people my bright smile.”

When asked to pick an ideal type, she chose actors Song Joong Ki and Lee Sun Gyun, reasoning, “My ideal types are charming and classic gentleman, just like Song Joong Ki and Lee Sun Gyun. I think it’d be great if my ideal had a bit of a twist to their classic charm. If they’re always smiling carefree but then suddenly work passionately, or if they always wear jeans but suddenly show up in a nice fitting suit, it’d be really great. Until now, there were only people who knocked at my heart and left, but someday, real love will come, right? Real love is when you get happy just by looking at them. Isn’t it when you can smile happily when you all you do is look?“.

Source: Allkpop

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