Dec 17, 2011

[VID] Song Joong Ki Narrates for a Documentary, “I’m Honored to be the First Viewer.”

Actor Song Joong Ki expressed his thoughts on narrating for the documentary, Tears of South Pole.

Previously on December 15, Song recorded the narration for Tears of South Pole, a special documentary in celebration of MBC’s 50th year anniversary.

On that day, he greeted Kim Jin Man producer and Song In Hyuk director and said, “Not from mere formality, I really am a fan of the ‘Tear Series.’ I watched Tears of North Pole during a class, and it gave me such a strong impression that I still remember it. Therefore, I’m honored to narrate for Tears of South Pole.”

Before the recording, Song asked many questions to the staff who participated in the making of the previous series and showed off his curiosity. Not only that, he revealed that he loves the documentary genre so much that he has the DVD series of Tears of The Earth, and confessed that he had actually entered a documentary making contest and received an award.

After the recording, he stated, “I was very curious as to how the screen will come out when I was reading the script. I am so glad to be the first viewer of the documentary.”

Kim Jin Man producer revealed, “Since he was an announcer for a university broadcasting station, his pronunciation was excellent and he concentrated very well.” Kim Jae Young producer also said, “I could feel how much he likes the documentary.”

Four episodes from Tears of South Pole, the last series of Tears of The Earth, will be broadcast every week starting with its prologue Meeting With The End Of The World. The prologue Meeting With The End Of The World will air on December 23.

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