Dec 28, 2011

No One Recognized Song Joong Ki on the Subway?

On December 24th, actor Song Joong Ki guested on SBS Power FM‘s ‘Park So Hyun’s Love Game‘ revealing an interesting story involving his commuting process to the radio station.

The actor started his story off with, “There was heavy traffic on the road and I decided to ride the subway because I feared that I would be late for this broadcast. I buried my head under a hat and wore glasses. No one recognized me and I was able to arrive 30 minutes earlier than the scheduled time.”

Upon hearing Song Joong Ki’s story, radio listeners commented, “He used public transportation because he thought he would be late to work~ What a responsible man!“, “Wow his face must be small enough to be covered entirely by the cap. No wonder no one recognized him“, and “Only if I was there beside him~“.

In related news, actor Song Joong Ki is busy filming his new movie, ‘Wolf Boy‘ with co-star, Park Bo Young.

Source + Photos: Osen
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