Dec 6, 2011

Song Joong Ki and Han Hyo Joo Ranked First as Actors That Most Suitable for Food Commercial

Singer and actor Lee Seung Gi ranked first place by majority of votes as the most appealing commercial actor in the food industry.

Song Joong Ki and Han Hyo Joo ranked first place as ‘actors that would be the most suitable to work as a commercial model for the food industry.’

Starting from November 16 to 22, the joint survey between consumer research panel Tillion and Chung Jung One was carried out by 1,000 housewives from age 20 to 50.

According to the survey, Chung Jung One’s model Lee Seung Gi took first place (55%) as the most appealing commercial model.

Just like his nickname ‘the national good guy,’ he received 55.2% from the 20s, 55% from the 30s, and 58.5% from the 40s and ranked first place.

Ottogi’s model Kim Hee Ae took 2nd place with 16.6% and CJ Beksul’s Ko Soo took third place with 12.3%.

Then which stars will be the most suitable as a commercial model for the food industry?

Among male stars, Song Joong Ki took first place by a narrow margin. Song received 26.9% and MC Yoo Jae Seok received 25.3%. Song proved himself popular among the 30s and 40s by beating Yoo.

Supported by the 40s, Han Seok Gyu ranked 3rd place with 21.2%, Kang Dong Won fourth 10.3%, and So Ji Seop took 5th place with 10.2%.

Among female stars, Han Hyo Joo took first place with 25.4%. Park Joo Mi ranked second place with 22.8% and Soo Ae who acts in Thousand Promises ranked third place with 16.9%.

Song Ji Hyo and Son Ye Jin received 10.3% and 8.9% of the votes consecutively.

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