Dec 1, 2011

Song Joong Ki Prepares for Debut as ‘Made in U’ MC

JTBC’s audition program, Made in U, which drew a lot of attention when actor Song Joong Ki was selected as an MC and for the million dollar monetary prize, will be unveiled.

The show will air on December 3, where the true nature of the show will be unveiled.

MC Song finished shooting the first episode of the show on November 22. He introduced the preface of the program and simulated a sample audition, to show viewers how it will work.

Song Joong Ki says, “I feel a little pressure as the MC for the program. Talent is important but I believe the contestant who really wants to succeed, really could win.”

The jury members and mentors for the show will be songwriter Kim Hyung Suk, signers Ok Joo Hyun and Kim Tae Woo, actor Jang Hyuk, Jung Hoon Tak, president of Sidus, Hong Seung Suk, president of Cube Entertainment, and songwriter Brave Brothers. They gathered together for the first time on November 20.

The show will air a special presentation show on December 3 at 10:10 p.m. and the survival series will start on January 7. The January 7 episode will air live and will announce the top 100 contestants who have passed the online preliminaries.

Source: TV Report
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