Dec 6, 2011

Song Joong Ki Eye Mask on Jung Tae Ho Does Not Make Him Song Joong Ki

Gag Concert‘s ‘Thank You’ team sets out for the 11th week as #1 Sunday variety show with the help of Song Joong Ki‘s ‘appearance’.

The identity of ‘Song Joong Ki’ that shocked and tickled the viewers is actually comedian Jung Tae Ho of the ‘Thank You’ segment wearing the ‘Song Joong Ki eye mask’.
Jung Tae Ho does parodies of singer Na Hoon Ah usually and on December 4th, he turned on the application that tells you who your entertainer look-alike is and sang to the rhythm of ‘Thank You’, “Fun game when drinking! I took a picture to see what entertainer is my look-alike and Na Hoon Ah was it” bringing the mood of the set up.

Then Song Byung Chul said that if you wear ‘Song Joong Ki eye mask’ and use the application then it will say that you are like the handsome actor Song Joong Ki, so Jung Tae Ho right away wore the ‘Song Joong Ki eye mask’ and ran it through the application again but the results showed ‘Na Hoon Ah 100%’ again and made the audience break into a wave of laughter.

It turns out, no eye mask turns Jung Tae Ho into Song Joong Ki.

Source: WStar News via Nate
Shared by: KPOPFever

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