Dec 25, 2011

Song Joong Ki to Donate His Earnings for ‘Tears of South Pole’

Actor Song Joong Ki revealed that he will be donating his earnings for his narration.

Song Joong Ki will be narrating for ‘Tears of South Pole’ which is the 4th installment of MBC documentary ‘Tears of Earth’. Song Joong Ki revealed, “I will donate the entire earning for the voice-over to the needy.”

The lineup of stars who have narrated for the ‘Tears of Earth’ series include Ahn Sung Ki, Kim Nam Gil, and Hyun Bin previously. Song Joong Ki has been drawing a lot of attention as the 4th narrator for the series.

Song Joong Ki also added, “It is a small gesture but I hope that it will be used for good cause.”

Song Joong Ki revealed that he is a huge fan of the ‘Tears of Earth’ series and said, “I have a lot of interest in the documentary genre so I have the ‘Tears of Earth’ series in DVD. I had participated in a contest for documentary production with friends and have earned an award in the past.”

‘Tears of South Pole’ is an installment of the environmental documentary series ‘Tears of Earth’ that follows ‘Tears of North Pole’, ‘Tears of Africa’, and ‘Tears of Amazon’.

Source: ETO via Nate
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