Dec 30, 2011

Lee Seung Gi & Song Joong Ki Come in #1 and 2 on a Tight Year End Survey

Lee Seung Gi and Song Joong Ki have come in #1 and 2 on the survey selecting, ‘The entertainer you most like to spend the New Year’s Eve with’.

One of Korea‘s largest coupon media network conducted a survey from December 5th through the 18th, on 521 women in the age range between 20 to 39 and Lee Seung Gi was voted the #1 entertainer they most like to spend the New Year’s Eve with. Song Joong Ki just barely missed the top spot.

The survey described Lee Seung Gi as a gentleman with the best manners and the voting result shows the ladies agree. Lee Seung Gi received 151 votes for 29% of the total votes.

Song Joong Ki came in at #2 with 147 votes for 28.2% of the total votes, for a tight race between two of the hottest young male stars today. Song Joong Ki was described by the survey, ‘The face that makes you happy just by looking at it’.

The 3rd place went to actor Go Soo with 62 votes and comedian Choi Hyo Jong took the 4th spot, showing off his explosive popularity of late.

Source: NEWSEN via Nate
Shared by: KPOPFever

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