Dec 25, 2011

Song Joong Ki is the Handsomest Santa

Actor Song Joong Ki was recently voted ‘the most handsome Santa’ for this Christmas.

Music site Monkey 3 did a survey starting on December 15 through 21 asking 294 people, “Who would be the most handsome Santa for Christmas?” After Song, Big Bang’s T.O.P and Lee Seung Gi’s fierce competition, Song ranked first with 33 percent (96 people) of the votes.

People who voted for Song said: “He is perfect for handsome Santa.” “Since he has milky white skin, he would look good in Santa costumes.”

Song was followed by Big Bang’s T.O.P (22%), Lee Seung Gi (15%), Yoon Si Yoon (11%), Gong Yoo (10%), and Lee Min Ho (9%).

Source: Monkey 3TV Report
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