Dec 3, 2011

“Song Joong Ki & Han Suk Kyu, Amazing Cohesive Acting” Says Jo Jin Woong

Jo Jin Woong raved about the acting of Han Suk Kyu and Song Joong Ki.

Jo Jin Woong is playing the role of Moohyol in the SBS drama ‘Deep Rooted Tree’.

As the guard of Sejong, Moohyol spends more time than anyone next to the young Yido played by Song Joong Ki and the mature Yido played Han Suk Kyu. Jo Jin woong was impressed.

Jo Jin Woong commented, “First of all, Song Joong Ki who plays the young Yido shows well the hysterics due to the trauma he sustains, and Han Suk Kyu sunbae who plays the current Yido shows the compassionate person who has accepted even the trauma as part of his life. The two of them connect so naturally that it feels as if the feel of the acting was already seamlessly connected”.

Jo Jin Woong also added, “Especially when Song Joong Ki is acting, the cohesion and the overflowing energy was amazing. But as soon as he hears ‘cut’ he comes back to the bright young man and I was amazed. Han Suk Kyu sunbae is really warm and just in reality too. Even when hoobae actors make mistakes and there are NG’s he does his best to give them confidence”.

The production team relayed, “Jo Jin Woong’s charisma melded well with Moohyol, and more than anything the chemistry with the 2 Sejongs is perfect. Please look forward to more of Moohyol”.

Source: MyDaily via Nate
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