Dec 1, 2011

Song Joong Ki "Yoo Ah In is the Most Serious Among the Same Age Group"

Actor Song Joong Ki said, "Yoo Ah In is the most serious out of everyone in the same age group".

In an interview with OSEN recently, when he was told that the KBS 2TV group of four (Song Joong Ki, Yoo Ah In, Micky Yoochun and Park Min Young) are standing out, Song Joong Ki said, "I feel good that all four of us are doing well. I feel the four of us are going to go a long way like this".

He continued, "I think everyone will succeed since they are all born that way. Didn't Jang Dong Gun and Jung Woo Sung all successfully be active together in the 90s? I don't think this is a competition. We are actors and actresses who will survive together".

He will get to go face to face with Yoo Ah In's "Punch". When he was asked if he was jealous of Yoo Ah In who's caught two hares at once, the box office and the critics, he said, "I am sincerely supporting his success. Of course, I an envious but I have never been jealous. He is very good at acting and the most sincere. So I like him. He is always concerned about acting. I think that's cool".

Meanwhile, Song Joong Ki takes on the role of an unemployed youth who is warm in the heart with Han Ye-seul in the movie "Penny Pinchers". Next, he is to star in a movie "Wolf Boy" with Park Bo Young.

Source: Daum
Translated by: Hancinema

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