Nov 6, 2011

Song Joong Ki’s “Mischievous” Hand is Attracting Attention

Actor Song Joong Ki’s “mischievous” hand is drawing attention.

On the 2nd, some pictures with the comment “What are you doing, Song Joong Ki?” were uploaded on a portal website.

In the pictures, Song has his hand on the back of an actress who is wearing a backless dress. Also, he is crouching down next to Han Ye Seul, playing with her skirt. Another side of Song, which is opposite from his naïve looks, is shown through these pictures, attracting attention.

Netizens comment: “He looks like a naïve sheep, but he’s a wolf inside.” “I’d prefer him being a wolf rather than being naïve.” “His every move is adorable.”

A Little Makes Romance in which Song stars with Han Ye Seul as character Chun Ji Woong will open on the 10th.

Source: TV Report
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