Nov 11, 2011

Song Joong Ki Says, “I Want Many A Little Romance to Take the Lead over You Are My Pet.”

Song Joong Ki, the leading actor of the movie Many A Little Romance, said, “I want to beat it,” referring “it” to another upcoming movie, You Are My Pet, in which Jang Keun Suk stars.
On the 10th, Song said in an interview with TV Report, “Recently, I’ve become close friends with Jang Keun Suk through actor Ji Sung, and I feel awkward having this kind of competition with him. But you know, there is no stepping back in this world of competition. I wish Many A Little Romance will lead the way when both movies come out.” In the past, Song and Jang both appeared in Itaewon Murder Case, but they’ve never actually met each other until Ji Sung has introduced one another.

Song, who is attending Sungkyunkwan University, said, “Honestly, I want all Korean films to go well. Actually, the movie that I want to beat the most is Immortals.” He said that because profits made by foreign films go back to their countries while those made by Korean films could be reinvested in making other Korean films.

He mentioned staff at the set, saying, “I want to be an actor that pays for staff’s hard work. Also, Korean films will be more activated when it goes over the break-even point.”

About Wandeuki, he said, “I’ve never wished Wandeuki to have less people watching it. I want all Korean fill to go well, so it won’t have hard time paying for the personnel expenses and balance. The society is healthy when one’s work is paid fairly.”

In Many A Little Romance, Song Joong Ki played the character Chu Ji Woong who does not even have 1,000 won in his card but fairly active in having relationships.

Source: TV Report
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