Nov 10, 2011

Song Joong Ki and Jang Keun Suk Face Off on the 10th: “Whom Do the Girls Prefer?”

Two pretty boys, Song Joong Ki and Jang Keun Suk face off on the 10th.

Song Joong Ki’s movie Many A Little Romance and Jang Keun Suk’s You Are My Pet in which he kisses with Kim Ha Neul both open on the same day. Both movies are romantic comedy aimed at female audiences and it’s questioning which movie will take the lead.

Many A Little Romance talks about a man without a job being 50 won short in buying a condom. He, therefore, is suppressed from having an affair with a woman. There appears another woman who bets her life over an empty bottle to earn gain 50 won. These two characters get together by chance and try to earn some money together. It is said that Song did a good job on featuring his frivolous character in a lovely way.

Also, Song’s many different facial expressions are expected to be seen on the film, like a set of presents for his fans. On the 6th, he has already appealed to female fans by appearing on KBS 2’s Gag Concert.

On the other hand, Jang Keun Suk has copy-and-pasted his original character to You Are My Pet. The original work of the movie is based on a Japanese comic book in which a woman raises a pretty, young guy as her pet. This basic storyline alone gives some sort of fantasy to female fans. Jang plays the lovely pet which always tries to please its owner.

Both movies seem highly dependable on their male characters.

Many A Little Romance is Song’s first movie appearing as a leading character after making a big hit through the TV series Sungkyunkwan Scandal and The Deep Rooted Tree. Recently, he appeals with his unique “Puing Puing” gesture. Basically, the movie and its female leading character fell for Song’s charms.

You Are My Pet shows three different sides of Jang: he sings, dances, and entertains us. The movie features some “sweet” scenes as if adding two big spoons of syrup with chocolate topping to a caramel macchiato. There is a kissing scene with Kim Ha Neul at the end of the movie, and this scene is expected to appeal its female fans. Because a popular Korean Wave star plays in it, You Are My Pet is to be opened on a large scale at the beginning of next year in Japan.

However, the two movies differ at some points.

Many A Little Romance is produced with a budget less than 1 billion won, which is a third of what You Are My Pet has spent. Han Ye Seul and Kim Ha Neul are recognized as the queens of romantic comedy while Song and Jang are known to be rookies, but rising stars.

It is questioning on which movie the majority of female audience would prefer. But things can change; a Hollywood movie, Immortals, could take the lead for it is made by producers from the movie 300. Wandeuki is another movie that could challenge the two movies for it has been no.1 in box office for three weeks in a row.

Anticipation builds as we wonder about which film will be taking the lead in the box office and its new rankings.

Source: Starnews
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