Nov 2, 2011

Song Joong Ki said, “Falling Scene at Dongjakdaegyo was the Most Frightening Scene.”

Song Joong Ki said after the press preview of his new movie ‘Many a little Romance’, “Falling scene at Dongjakdaegyo was the most frightening scene.”

Someone asked him, “What was the most difficult scene?” He answered, “Dongjakdaegyo.”

“My character, Ji Woong, represents ‘Generation 880000′ won but is not a sad character. I played brightly and cheerfully. But falling scene at Dongjakdaegyo for Han Ye Seul was the most frightening scene. It is still the dizziest scene.”

The scene is that Han Ye Seul was defrauded of two hundred million won which she saved tenaciously and killed herself, despondent about that. Song Joong Ki ran into the Han River to save her.

Song Joong Ki said, “I had more responsibility because I was in the same drama with her once. I tried to be a cute junior to her but I’m not sure she felt that.”

Someone asked him, “Isn’t it difficult to shed a young gentleman image?” Song Joong Ki answered, “It is always afraid but I think historical dramas and modern plays will be my orecious experiences.”

‘Many a little Romance’ is about Goo Hong Sil who is crazy about saving two hundred million won for 5 years and Chun Ji Woong who has no job. It will be released on 10 November.

Source: TV Daily
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