Nov 22, 2011

Infinite Challenge Tops in Ratings with a Scramble for Song Joong Ki

Infinite Challenge tops in ratings for Saturday variety shows with a scramble for Song Joong Ki.

In the episode of MBC TV’s Infinite Challenge-TV Battle Special that aired on November 19, Dinosaur network’s Yoo Jae Seok TV and HAHA TV competed against each other. After checking the ratings of both TV networks for their 60-minute live shows, the one with higher ratings was supposed to get TV license fee.

While having a busy schedule, Song Joong Ki spared some time and visited HAHA TV for tapping. Though he was suddenly asked to show his abs, he didn’t lose a smile on his face. After finishing the tapping, Song encountered members of Yoo Jae Seok TV, Yoo Jae Seok, Jung Joon Ha, and Roh Hong Chul, who were standing outside.

As Yoo asked, “What are you doing here?” Song said, “Oops. You are not supposed to know about this,” being flustered. He eventually interviewed with them saying, “I just tapped a show for HAHA TV. It was really distracted.”

At that moment, Jung Joon Ha turned into a flasher and made Song burst out laughing. HAHA TV members, hearing the laughter, came out and said, “Joong Ki, you gotta go. Why are you holding my guest?” flying into a temper.

As the scramble for Song continued, Song couldn’t stop laughing. Later on the show, people who watched Song on TV responded enthusiastically and proved Song’s popularity.

The episode of Infinite Challenge displayed ratings of 17.0% according to AGB Nielsen Media Research and ranked No. 1.

Source: TV Report
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