Nov 20, 2011

Song Joong Ki Got Exposed on Infinity Challenge

Song Joong Ki and SNSD’s Sunny appear on Infinite Challenge‘s the second TV battle.

In the episode of Infinite Challenge that airs on November 19, the second round of TV battle, continued from last episode, begins, and all members are provided with their own cameras and rights of broadcasting. They also receive a mission to turn off other members’ cameras to survive.

In the episode, members of Infinite Challenge start to realize the rules of TV battle one by one and chase each other in earnest.

The leaders of the last two channels finally organize their own teams to have a final match and get orders to produce an hour-long live shows.

Especially it is attracting more attention as it is reported that Song Joong Ki and SNSD’s Sunny, cast on the day of taping, are visiting the set.

The seven members struggling to survive in the battle-like broadcasting system until only one channel is left can be watched on November 19 at 6:30 pm on MBC’s Infinite Challenge.

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