Nov 14, 2011

Song Joong Ki Says, “I Want to Get Rid of my First Episode of Music Bank”

In the episode of KBS 2’s Entertainment News that aired on the 5th, Song Joong Ki, the leading actor of the new movie Many A Little Romance, appeared in the feature called Guerilla Date.

A reporter asked him if he could delete anything in the past what would it be, and Song answered, “Well, let me spill it out. I want to delete my first episode of Music Bank as an emcee.”

Song had been an emcee of KBS 2’s Music Bank, and he performed 4Minute’s “Hot Issue” on his first day as an emcee.

Here's the video of him dancing to 4 Minutes' Hot Issue

Song said, “Since then, fans asked me not to dance again. I really want to get rid of that episode.”

Source: TV Report
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