Nov 21, 2011

"Penny Pinchers" Song Joong Ki Behind the Scenes

"Penny Pinchers" released a bunch of Song Joong Ki stills never seen before.

Song Joong Ki, who has lately been appearing in many dramas, movies and entertainment shows with his prince-like looks, plays the role of Cheon Ji Woong in the movie "Penny Pinchers".

Unlike his usual image seen on TV, this time he played a very lame character, and some scenes that can't be seen in the movie were shown via stills.

In the picture, Song Joong Ki is acting as an energy source for the crew members with his cute face and witty comments.

His endless "Mother"s friend's son' image shows why he is the 'it' guy these days.

"Penny Pinchers" that was released on the November 10th, aand is about the romance of an unemployed youth.

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